Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wooden sheath!

I traded with Geoffroy Gautier, a French knife maker. His knife arrived today! I am amazed by the quality.

He even threw in several wonderful pieces of noble wood! Will make nice frames from them soon.

Geoffroy does not do leather, so there was no sheath. I am not great at sewing either, and a bit sick of all that kydex. So I decided to make a sheath from baltic birch plywood!

I "upholstered" the inside with leather, so the knife sits very tighly in the sheath. Two magnets hold it in place. I used a leather belt loop from the hardware store, the type they sell so you can hang in a hammer. 3 Euros. Can't make one for that price at home. Oiled the wood with dark gun stock oil.

I need my right side free so I can fish out slingshot ammo from my pocket, so I will wear it on my left side.

Added a hole (steel rod) for a paracord string that I can tie around my leg, just so the is no flapping. 

I am really happy with the result!



  1. I've always liked the 'French Chef's' knife design as it's perfect for chopping and stabbing both with as thick as that blade is. The sheath is your standard, imaginative mind at work as usual while adding beauty. Very well done. The magnets are a very nice added touch.

  2. I am impressed, this is a very nice sheath and I agree with Lord Robere, a very nice touch with the magnets, well done.