Monday, July 16, 2012

New title: Teutonic wood warlord

Gizmodo covers me every once in while, a great honor.

I simply love that site. The funny, pointy and often sarcastic texts are outstanding. When they featured my latest video yesterday, the author (Sam Biddle) called me a "Teutonic wood warlord". Made my day!

See the article over at gizmodo

Oh, and here is the video:


  1. great stuff there mate , hey the Zulu's had a thing , made from a woody root , they'd bash it till it was like loose string and wrap it around the base of the short spear for throwing

    a 4-6" long ribbon does the same , creates the drag on the rear

    keep up the great work !

  2. Check this out, it helped me heaps!


    Das ist echt die Härte von einen Bisherigen Slingshots.
    Hab Mir etliche Video´s von dir Jörg angesehn aber das ist eins deiner besten nach der Car-cannon-slingshot .

    Genie & Wahnsinn liegen dicht zusammen
    aber Deine Sachen sind Genial .

    Bau weiter solche abgedrehten teile .

    Gruß aus den Münsterland .

    PS: würd gern mal eine anleitung zum Pencil-shoter sehn.möchte diesen gern aus Metal nachbauen *grins*

  4. Hey Jörg, this spearlike weapon has got a really nice blade, and I think that it will do quite well to swing with as stabbing with.

    I think everyone would think it would be nice if you put up a video where you slash things with it, like a watermelon or maybe ballistic gel? I'm sure you can come up with something nice, as always.

  5. Hey Jorge

    Geoff here (RR). Been following for over a year. I live in KwaZulu Natal province here in South Africa. Cool! Loved what you did! Holy SSSS...Sugar! The Zulu word for the weapon is actually "iKwla". Assegaai is really the name for a type of tree here. The name "ikwla" comes from the sound it makes when it goes into a body when stabbed. Never heard of it been thrown before except for the guys at Cold Steel perhaps... never heard of it shot out of a slingshot before until I saw you do it. Amazing Sir!
    uShaka would most certainly made you as one of his Indunas. Cheers.

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  7. This is amazing there is so much power in this that it would shoot from a very far range!