Friday, July 13, 2012

"Cancer" Zodiac prize

Here is my Zodiac Sign frame for "Cancer". Finished it a week ago, but never gotten around presenting it as I have been a bit sick.

The handle is based on the Zodiac symbol - like this:

Of course I had to "squeeze" the symbol to make a functional handle from it.

I chose the red cedar wood (because I found it fitting for cancer), and used a 14mm multiplex core.

The fork is 19mm multiplex, inked in red.

Banded it up with a light TBG set - this is surprisingly comfortable, and very lightweight!

It is the prize for this month's competition - but there are no candidates yet. A pity, but then again I may have to keep the slingshot - a nice piece for sure.


  1. great slingshot mr spave i hope when i post my entry in a few days i can win it thanks again for running this great compatiotion

    Alexander .s. Howson

  2. Dear Mr. Sprave, I have seen some of your videos of various slingshots. Realy great fun to watch them so i decided to subscrive myself to your blog. There is so much information to be found here. All I can say is keep up the good work.

  3. That's really pretty {:^}>

    Being a Cancerian myself I'd love to own this piece of work - what do I have to do to be in with a chance?

    1. you just make a slingshot and post it on mr sprve's fourm and let the community vote thanks

      Alexander .s. Howson

    2. Alexander - thanks for explaining {:^}>

  4. it looks more like a 69 ehehe
    but it looks realy nice