Monday, August 31, 2009

New catapult website online

Fish, the maker of the great "Hunter" slingshot that I have reviewed (, now has an own website with a shop.

I do recommend his products, they are far, fat better than any of the "injection mould" based slingshots sold by the big US manufacturers.

Fish says "sales go through the roof", and I understand he has hired his first employee, to match the demand.

All the best, Fish!

New, large section about slingshots at Jacksshed

Thanks to lots of hits and clicks, the popular Jacksshed forum has enlarged the presence of the catapults (UK name for slingshots).



Sunday, August 30, 2009

I wanted to take my "W" concept one step further and construct a slingshot that protects your fingers from nasty slaps.

The idea: To use steel rods that are not strong enough for a power slingshot, and form a grid that stabilizes the device.

It worked!

It shoots fantastic. My favourite right now!

Since it works so well, we have election day in our state (North Rhine Westfalia) and the German eight rowing team won the World Championship, I chose our national colors black, red and gold (OK, yellow).

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The new video is finished.

It turned out that I can't destroy more than two bottles at once, as the ball gets deflected afterwards.

It was fun anyway!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sources for slingshot parts

I have been asked many times where to get the bands, the leather, just about everything.

I made a video about it, here:

Here is an overview:

The rubber
ebay: Thera tube Thera band

The leather

ebay: Leather Hide Deutsch: Dickleder

The rotary cutter

ebay: Rotary cutter Deutsch: Rollenschneider

The eyelet and eyelet pliers:

ebay: eyelet pliers Deutsch: Ösenzange

The punch pliers:

ebay: punch pliers Deutsch: Lochzange

Hope this helps!

Project for the weekend

What will be the project for this weekend, in addition to the champagne bottle test?

Well, I think I want to do a defense slingshot. My current plan is to add to auto switch blade knifes to the fork ends, and build a pepper spray canister into the grip. I also want to add "hand protectors" that may also work as a knuckle duster (no welded together finger rings allowed due to German law).

I am also thinking maybe I could add a stun gun (those are legal in Germany). But I lack a good idea how to incorporate that all into one slingshot.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New York, New York

As my avid youtube audience knows, my favourite workout/relax shirts are tank tops from the New York Gym.

A nice guy from Denmark PNed me today, directing me to a conspiracy forum where my coconut video was presented. Nice!

One of the comments said that my slingshots would be illegal in New York... this is actually true!

So from now on, I will wear these shirts also as a protest note to crazy NY slingshot regulation.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Six empty champagne bottles

I suffered through drinking the bubbly stuff, now it is time to put the empty bottles to use.

I will line them up and shoot a slingshot ball at them. I am not sure how many bottles one ball can kill, I did two of them a while ago.

I am still thinking about wether I will use lead or steel. Lead is more dense and a heavy ball will be smaller, but it will deform and that will reduce the impact. Steel may ricochet, though.

Can't do the test before Friday anyway. It's gonna be fun!

100 k views!

I uploaded my first slingshot video to youtube on Feb 1st, 2009. About seven months ago.

This morning, I exceeded 100,000 views! Have been fevering for this quite a while.

Will my life change? Sure! I think I have just added another 3 inches circumference to my chest, and I can feel my back straightening just as I leave for work.


Addictive youtube statistics

After a while, youtube changes your daily routines.

First thing you do in the morning is to look at your views. Then, you can't wait until the insight information has been updated.

You get so sensitive about that, you notice every change of the pace. This morning, I immediately noticed the counts have jumped, so I knew one of my videos must have been featured somewhere else.

Found it: had the coconut one, here:

I liked the comment that suggested better names for my "W" slingshot.

"The FEMA greeter"
"The Equalizer"
"The Porker ender"
"The Traitor cracker"
"Sheister meister"
"The Politician Skull drainer"
"Balls for Bankers"
"Banker Bash"

The Politician Skull drainer clearly is my favourite!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Slingshot Channel now also as a blog.

Some people know me from my youtube videos and also from the forums I participate in.

I am a slingshot enthusiast and I build my own, very powerful models. I present them in video form on youtube, and by now I have about 100k views.

I also review commercial slingshots and do impact tests of slingshot balls on many different materials, like ballistic gelatin, coconuts and even a leg of lamb. I film those with a hi speed 1200 fps camera, so the impact is shown in super slow motion.

Now I want to start a blog about my activities.

Hope it works out!