Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Slomo of the slingshot shotgun at release

I have done some slomos to see how the pellets leave the pouch.

Interesting, the Kydex pouch flies high after the fork has been passed, while the shot pellets continue straight on.

The pellets are in a nice tight group, just perfect if you ask me.

Then, the pouch returns downwards. I have no explanation for the strange post-fork flight of the pouch, maybe it is because of the hollow container halfs. Well, I don't care as long as it works.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Introducing the Dankung "Cougar" Slingshot

Even though I gave them the design for free, I am very proud.

Here is the video:




Video Review: Express Bands from Bill Herriman

Bill Herriman (aka "Texshooter") is one of the greatest slingshot expert of the world. He has many years of experience and won some very prestigious titles in tournaments.

He does offer various slingshot products, like his band sets. These sets are available in several versions, each one made from natural latex. He tapers the bands, for additional speed.

This is a review about his "express" bands, the strongest he sells. They have been attached to the "Cougar", a slingshot that can take any kind of bands on the market.


The results are impressive! A .38 cal. steel ball (9,5mm) flew with 80 meters per second (262 feet/sec), quite impressive.

The bands have a very nice, smooth draw, and the preformed pouch is simply excellent.

Bill Herriman can be reached at nherriman@sts.rr.com.

Frameless finger shooter: The Video

Here is the video:



Friday, April 23, 2010

Kydex pouch for lead shot

Got the 1mm Kydex today and made a pouch.

This works fantastic! I designed the pouch in a way that it can not fully open, just enough to let the 19mm lead ball out. This leads to very tight groups when I use lead shot! Even from 10 meters, several balls hit the air rifle target (which is small). At 5 meters, all of them are in the air rifle target.

I smashed an apple from 5 meters! No tissue bags whatsoever.

But it also shoots very good with lead balls.

The only issue: You either have to wear a glove or shoot it flipstyle. The pouch is not heavier than leather, but much harder, so a handslap might cause cuts, would hurt very much for sure.

No frame at all!

Someone from another forum challenged me to make a slingshot that has NO fork, just finger attachments.

Made one today! Cut it from leather, laced it up and watered it, so it takes on the form of my fingers.

This works. Can't use my strongest bands, but Thera Gold, 3cm x 2 cm, no problem. It is fun!

Failures! Failures!

A friend of mine asked me if I ever experienced failures. Yes, sir, failures galore! For every successful design, I have one that doesn't work.

He said that just showing off the successes is wrong, and asked me to present at least the more spectacular failures as well. OK, here are two of those.

The first one is an attempt to make a slingcat with draw length extension. The idea: A spring loaded mechanism would automatically raise a roller when you draw out, and then when you release it would snap back in, making room for the ball.

Problem is that it did not work. What happened is that the ball hits the roller. Obviously the roller did not get down fast enough. A dangerous slingshot. For the trash.

The next one was my attempt to make a target slingshot. I wanted adjustable fork width and height, self centering grip, a spirit level to avoid canting and adjustable sights.

In general it works, but it is way to heavy. I can make about ten shots, and then my arm begins to ache and to tremble. Plus, the adjustable fork height and width is unnecessary really. The only thing that is worth preserving is the sight+spirit level.

Regards, Jörg

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jörg Sprave "Cougar" now available!


this is to let you know that the video introduction of the first Jörg Sprave Dankung will come out this coming weekend.

The Chinese already put the product up on their website, here:


The Chinese made a stainless steel casting mould for the design! It took a long time to optimize everything, but it came out very nice.

Every slingshot is engraved with my signature and marked "Special Edition" or even "Limited edition" (the latter won't be available from Dankung, but sold by selected European and US dealers only).

The design allows "Over The Top" flat band attachment (works for all kinds of flat bands, including Hunterbands, Bill Herriman's and Flatband's fine products). But it also allows the classical "pretzel" tubular band attachment.

The product is polished to a high sheen, not chrome plated like some of the less elaborate models.

The product will be available right after the introduction.

To make that point clear, I am not financially involved in this. I gave the design to Dankung for free, and I sure hope they will sell a ton of slingshots. These guys are eager, reliable and committed.

Watch out for the video!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Here is the video:



I have rummaged through my slingshot leftover pile and found a few pieces of Arizona desert ironwood. Not enough to cut a complete slingshot, but too beautiful to let go to waste.

So I turned a steel skeleton from a massive one inch stainless steel rod and attached the round leftover wood to it.

It actually came out nice. A light shooter, this time with a higher fork and plain, modest over the top band attachment.

I like this slingshot. It is very solid, 8 mm steel up to the tips of the wood.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Desert Ironwood Gloveshot

After a whole day of filing, sanding and polishing, the frame of my first desert ironwood slingshot is done.

There are indeed fine cracks, but they are in an uncritical part, plus I have stablized the frame with 8 mm steel rods. Those rods can hold the force even without the wood. This glovehsot has a heart of stainless steel!

I used another part of my croc belt for the hand brace.

The shine of the wood is just phenomenal. No epoxy, no stainer, no wax, just natural. Fantastic!

It is a tough material, and the dust is not pleasant. But the work is worth it!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Monster Slingshot!

As you know, I like Thera Band.

Especially the thinner variants (blue or black) have lots of power, very fast rubber. BUT you always have to layer it, fold it, whatever.

I wanted to make a slingshot that can take a full width (138 mm) Thera Band without any folding or layering. This of course means that it has to be freakin wide! A monster slingshot.

Of course I like low forks, so the angle between the fork arms had to be very very low.

And the clamp-on method is the only one that works. I made the clamp from a 10mm steel rod, and put Thera Tube yellow over it to increase the friction. This holds 100%, and band change is really easy.

The slingshot really shoots well. Best feature is that the bands never tangle, reloading is very very quick.

How to make the Gloveshot at home

Smitty's challenge made me re-evaluating my earlier decision not to develop the gloveshot design any further. I talked to my lawyer, and he thinks there is no legal problem, as the brace does not touch the arm, therefore it is not an arm brace. Only arm braces are banned in Germany.

Anyway, I made a tutorial video about how to build a gloveshot from wood, with common tools, and I also uploaded a pdf with the cutout outline for the side parts.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYJETqNQdeE

The gloveshot is really a cool design! I encourage you to give it a try.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Review: 12 shot lead ball mould

Bells Of Hythe sent me a sample of their "New Forest 12 Shot 16mm Mould" product. I reviewed it and made a video about it.


A great product!

WARNING: Casting your own bullets is addictive. The Slingshot Channel will not pay for any rehab costs! :-)