Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sling-X-Bow tutorial: The video

Here is the video, some shooting and the entire how-to.

The blueprints can be downloaded here:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

At last: Sling-X-Bow out of wood, with common tools

So many people begged me to do a how-to for the Sling-X-Bow.

Of course people don't have welding gear and lathes, so a tutorial can't require such equipment.

I thought about this for a long time, as there were numerous issues to be solved. But then I finalized my blueprints and got to work.

I used wood and off-the-shelf screws only, plus common household tools.

Making it took six hours, because of the constant filming and also because welding stuff together is a lot quicker than drilling holes and fixing screws...

I used Stu's ratchet idea for the cocking, but made my own ratchet out of a length of wood. It is easy, you just push the frame to the front until it hits the stopper, and then it swings into the notch.

I made the frame, the lock base plate, the lock arms and the trigger plate out of multiplex (most of it I found in the trash of my favorite DIY superstore).

This is real solid, shooting hunter bands is not a problem, lots of reserve.

The video will follow tomorrow, here are some pics for now!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Slingshot News Magazine July 11 is online!




Video review: 2 genuine "Baumstamm" slingshots

Baumstamm, a world reknown slingshot maker from Germany, recently sent me 2 of his handmade beauties. Amazing products! I was most excited about his wristbands, woven from colorful paracord. These bands are so sturdy that they actually hold the slingshot for you, you can relax your fingers and there is practically no shaking. I love them!

One is a multiplex boardcut, in black, and the other one is natural fork.

Here is the video:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Cougar meets Desert Ironwood

I found another small piece of desert ironwood when I cleaned up the shop today.

Could not resist, I had to do something with it!

So I made a grip for the Cougar. Had to change the metal outline a bit, as the wood was not wide enough for the full grip. But it came out really nice!

This is a one-of-three-hundred Limited Edition Cougar now.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Video no. 100: Bullpup-Sling-X-Bow!

Have worked some more on the Sling-X-Bow concept. It worked well, but the original one was very loooong, not exactly compact. So I designed a bullpup version!

The shoulder rest is now very close to the pouch release, and the hand grip/trigger is canted so it does not colide with the sliding fork. Also, I simplified the release, no more rollers and only one moving arm. This works great!

I used a simple iron sighting system for now, which really is good enough for shooting distances up to 20 meters. The BOM (bill of materials) is about 10 Euros (13 dollars) for this thing.

Here is the video:

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Massive

After all these laminates and wood slingshots, I wanted to make another clean, heavy and pure stainless steel slingshot.

It came out nice, the palm swell works!