Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hammer Grip Style Slingshot: How To Make It

People want more How-to videos. Many youtubers want me to present how to's about wooden slingshots. Of course I took the challenge, and designed a frame much like the Phoenix because I love shooting it.

I had to use Multiplex because the fork is low, but the fork arms are long.

I treated the frame with wood stain, then polished everything to a high shine. This feels great in the hand!

Here is the video:


Shocking: Are Safety Glasses Useless?

Wanted to do a video today about how important it is to wear safety glasses. So I bought a styrofoam head (for wigs) and simulated a broken off fork arm. I used a raw egg to simulate the eye, which is a very vulnerable organ so the egg shell is probably more sturdy, but anyway.

I used one string of Thera Tube and attached a pen to it, the pen simulates the fork arm. Of course it smashed the unprotected egg. But here comes the problem: It smashed the egg that was behind the safety glasses as well!

I recorded everything in super slo mo (1200 frames per second), and you can clearly see that the glasses yielded and smashed the egg.

I think it is time to reconsider the safety glasses type. We need solid goggles that have a large distance to the eye, and also that wrap around your head.

Here is the video:

Now some people will say that I am the sole cause for a slingshot ban. But people need to know the dangers. Proper eyeware is needed.

Monday, May 24, 2010

New design,plus Win a Cougar!

I made a new slingshot, a marriage of laminated exotic wood and stainless steel. I had a few small "pen blanks" left, cool wood that is meant for pen makers. 6 pieces cost 10 Euros.

So I made a block from four of these 20mm x 20mm blocks, from Amaranth, Amarello, Zebrano and Rosewood.

In order to highlight the beauty of the wood, I decided to make a very simple fork, from stainless steel of course.

I think it came out pretty good! Feels wonderful in my hand, maybe because the handle is just like a file grip, a tool I dearly love and use very often.

The new slingshot looks very simple, but it is well thought out. It can shoot a .38" (9,5mm) steel ball at almost 180 mp/h (79 meters per second), with a pull that is so easy even a pre-teen boy could draw it out. Pure efficiency.

Different bands are tested as well, showing that heavier bands only make sense for heavier ammo.

At the end of the video, you can find the details for another drawing - 2 "Cougar" slingshots will go to the lucky winner (drawing will happen on June 1st, 2010). Details in the video!


Review: A+ Slingshots, Handmade in the USA

The Slingshot Channel tests the three fantastic models made by Perry Adkisson from out of California. The PS1, PS2 and PS3 models arrived with different band sets (all interchangeable). Therefore, the slingshots are tested with the Chrony. The strongest one shot a 15 mm steel ball at 69 m/s or 225 fps! That is almost 250 km/h.

Perry's website can be found here:

Here is the video review:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The winners!

These are the lucky winners of the three Cougar drawing (May 18, 2010):

- caveman691957

- gregoryhyde561

- cooltunaphoto

I already sent a PM to the winners. If you are not amongst them, never mind, I will do more such drawings in the future - so stay tuned.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The last of the bronze

This is a quick reminder: One more day left! Will do the drawing tomorrow.

This is what I did with the last of the bronze and rosewood.

Made the penholder for my wife, she is in medical school and has to study all day long. May this little item sweeten her daily learning chores.

Also, I will do the drawing tomorrow, so last call for those who haven't left a comment on the video so far.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Win a "Cougar Limited Edition" slingshot!

Yes, that's right, in one week (May 18th, 2010) I will draw three winners...

This video has the details (at the end of it):

Remember that there are only 300 "Limiteds", so they may gain collector's value quickly. I will outift them with Thera Band Gold bands. I will pay for the shipping as well.

The participants of the East Coast Tournament will get a free Cougar anyway.

Good luck!


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Exotic wood & bronze


after the trip to Alverton, I was eager to make another slingshot today.

I found a store where you can buy - fairly inexpensively - small wood blocks ment for pens. Some of them looked really cool, so I ordered a bunch of them.

Made a slingshot, in my favourite Compass design. But I used rosewood for the forks, amaranth and birds eye maple for the grip parts and birch for the bottom part. Came out great! No stain, no laquer, just polish.

I used bronze as the joints, and of course I put in a metal heart. It came out great!

For the "skeleton", I glued the parts together, but I do not trust glue very much so I secured everything with 3mm steel nails that keep the steel rods firmly in place.

This is a beautiful slingshot! Will finalize the polish job tomorrow and then do a video.

I actually think this may be my prettiest slingshot so far, I like it more than the Phoenix.



The video: East Coast Slingshot Tournament

I have finished the video about the Alverton event.

Youtube oversteered my audio, I have to watch for that in the future. But it should still be interesting for you slingshot fanatics out there!



Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Interview with Jack Koehler

I just returned from the East Coast slingshot tournament (Alverton/PA). It was a blast! 45 shooters firing at all kinds of targets, at the same time, is really a great experience. Even though I did not win, I did fairly good. And my slingshot was the most powerful, hit with authority.

I have recorded a ton of video material, but the editing will take me a while. But the first one is finished and I have uploaded the "Alverton" video, an interview with Jack Koehler. Jack is the author of THE book about slingshots, and his "King Cat" is a fabulous weapon. Fiber optic sights, great arm brace, shiny and effective.

His book and his slingshot is presented. You can watch the video here: