Sunday, October 24, 2010

Arrow launching Sling-X-Bow, plus WIN A COUGAR!

After the great response to the slingshot crossbows presented here, many have asked if it can be converted for shooting arrows. Of course it can! This video presents a homemade, Thera Band powered crossbow that fires full size arrows (not the short crossbow bolts") at 213 fps (65m/s).

The mechanism is very simple, yet effective. The weapon has a built in arrow rest that fixes the arrow in loaded condition.

The result is a long, but very narrow crossbow. It is accurate and powerful.

Also, at the end of the video you can learn how to participate in a drawing. The price: A customized "Cougar Limited Edition" slingshot, with hand crafted Thuja wood scales. If you want to participate, you have to be a member of, and introduce yourself in the "Welcome Forum". The membership is free.

Deadline is November 15, 2010.

There is a 2D version and a 3D version of the video, as the production is shot with the new Panasonic HDC-SDT750 3D camera. The 3D version is viewable as well, the link will be published at a later time.

Here is the 2D video:

Monday, October 18, 2010

Review: "Scallops", in massive cast bronze

I reviewed the fantastic "Scallops" slingshot, designed in Hong Kong and made in England.

This model is very special for the slingshot community, as Dan developed it in a live thread. We saw the Photoshop drawings, we saw the first moulds, we saw the first metal castings. So it was rather special to get my hands on the product!

After both Dan (the designer) and Pete (the manufacturer) have OKed the video, it is my pleasure to release it to the public.

A great slingshot, a highlight of my collection! Well done, Dan and Pete.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

The African Godess of Slingbows

I revisited the sling bow today, inspired by Fish (he made a sling bow a while ago, but posted the video again here in a different thread).

I had a few tasks.

First, I wanted to eliminate all the dead play.

Second, no handslaps.

Third, a conventional bow release had to work.

Fourth, I wanted a quality arrow guide for accuracy.

So I made the "bow" 40 cm long, and the bands are a bit pretensed in unloaded mode. This way, no dead play at all!

Then, I put a Hover arrow rest (kind of a whisker buiscuit) INSIDE of the bow, right in the middle.

The bands can never touch the arrow rest (a big problem with sling bows usually).

Next, I designed the bow arms in a way that the bands are effectively stopped and can not slap on my hand.

I formed the "cable" from some paracord, with a loop for the release (otherwise the angle is so steep that the arrow falls out in full cocked position).

This shoots great! It is the best sling bow I have made so far.

Weight is 550 gramms (1,2 lbs), complete with bands. It looks a bit like an African sculpture, that is the reason for the name.

Too bad is rains so hard that I can't do a video today, hopefully tomorrow will be better. But I have to finish the Scallops video first.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Three unique slingshots: Beauty, Powerhouse, Micro

I wanted to further enhance my "Cutlass" design, with a solid plate against hand slaps. I also looked at the way Bill Hays stabilized the grip with a backwards directed "hook", and liked that idea a lot.

The result is a slingshot that is basically a "Phoenix", but with a front and back part laminated to it. The front part holds the shield, the back part the hook. Both parts thicken the handle and give it the "Cutlass" palm swell.

I also added a "Baumstamm" style lanyard.

This is a great shooter.

Here is the video:


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Band heater

As announced, I have made a slingshot that heats its bands. I want to be able to break records even when it is NOT humid and hot outside! So there was no alternative.

I used water filled copper tubes, as water and copper have the highest available heat capacity.

The bands are put over the copper pipes that are filled with hot water, then the insulation is closed over the bands. They heat up in no time, about ten seconds from room temp to over 50 centigrade. I filled the tubes with hot, but not boiling water as I am not sure how much heat they tolerate.

The slingshot is ugly as heck, but not a bad shooter, it is a "W" after all. And the copper pipes work like a stabilizer.

Here is the video:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Multiplex Phoenix Design

I wanted to combine the efficiency of my wooden Phoenix model with the ergonomical grip of The Cutlass.

So I changed the grip of the original Phoenix and laminated more multiplex to my 19 mm board. Then rounding and sanding.

I am really pleased with the outcome, one of my smallest, most simple slingshots - but also one of my best models so far.

Hammergrip style of course.