Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Crossbow accuracy test!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Super small crossbow!

Deutsche Welle appearance!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Toilet brushes with accuracy

As you know I LOVE shooting toilet brushes with 9 inch nail tips. 

Shot from a 2 m rifle, with four TBG bands per side, they reach firearms energy levels (>400 Joule) and sledgehammer momentum levels (>10 Ns). 

They are also very accurate. How accurate exactly, I didn't know, my previous shooters had no sights whatsover. 

Now, I wanted to make a sniper rifle chambered for these deadly household items. 

Here is a video that presents the weapon:

Today, I spent some more time sighting the weapon in. 

I tested it on the Zombie head made by the great makeup artist Nicolay Mayer.


He made the head for the Zombie Wars movie trailer, and gave it to me as a present after the filming was done. 

Here's three hits from 20 meters... the third shot, I aimed lower as the places higher up had been "taken" already.

There is a strange aesthetics in three toilet brushes poking out of a Zombie head... looks almost floral. Aaah, the sweet flowers of Making dead things Deader :)




Friday, September 6, 2013

From the firewood pile

I bought an older Sharps replica on an auction a while ago, in very bad condition. I plan to use it in my Zombie film, and turn it into a non shooting movie prop. There was a big crack in the stock, so it will be sawed off Sharps!

The rear end of the stock was junk and actually on the firewood pile. But then, just as I was ready to feed it into the fireplace, I had second thoughts. The grain seemed great for a boardcut.

I sawed a slingshot out of it.

Then I glued on a piece of orange osage, a leftover.

After the filework was done, I had a nice piece. Tested it in the vise, no issues, it is very strong.

I oiled it with linseed, which tinted the wood into the original dark brown it had when it was a stock.

Then I decided to do a poly job on it. In most cases I simply put the poly on carefully, sand the little dust particles off with 1200 grit, and polish it. That makes a nice shine, but it also is a bit uneven. This time, I wanted perfection.

So I sanded the whole polycoat over until it was absolutely even. Then I used 1200 grit and finally car chrome polish. Now the piece is probably my nicest poly job ever. It looks like on of these Japanese laquiring bowls - those are made pretty much the same way.

A very nice piece, and a good shooter too!