Sunday, September 30, 2012

Twice as long!

OK, I am talking about slingshot crossbows... nothing more, nothing less :)

One of my most powerful slingshot crossbows is the winch operated hand cannon. It can handle much stronger rubber than any conventional slingshot. But it has an active draw length of only about 75 cm!

The speed (and energy) of a 25 mm steel ball fired from the weapon is an impressive 45 m/s, about 67 Joules of energy. But I extended the "barrel" to twice the original length, giving the weapon a total acceleration length of 165 cm.

This leads to a speed of 69 m/s, increasing the energy of the 25mm steel ball to about 162 Joules - 2,4 times more!

As a bonus, a new two shot bullpup crossbow is shown. It fires two full size arrows, either at the same time or in consecutive order. Outfitted with a surplus G36 scope, it is really accurate and powerful enough to penetrate a car.

 I decided to present a prototype in this week's bonus.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Smashing a Nissan with the Thor Hammer!

Monday, September 17, 2012

YouTube NextUp Contest!

YouTube runs this very interesting contest called "NextUp". You can participate if you are a partner that falls into a certain category.

See the info on YouTube

Turns out I qualify - and I'd love to be a winner!

As requested, I made a "Pilot" episode for my channel.

I had to keep a 3 minute limit... forced me to focus on the videos (= weapons)I like the most.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Forearm mounted mini hoopack

As I am currently investigating the "David sling" concept, I became a member of A great website and forum with a ton of information about that ancient weapon type.

"Curious Aardvark", the admin of that site, suggested I look into a weapon called a "hoopack". It is basically a staff sling with a forked tip. Advantages are less band entanglement and also a slight spin given to the ammo.

Ineresting concept for sure!

I made a test device yesterday, basically a forearm mounted short hoopack with adjustable "loop launcher" and a manual loop retainer.

The adjustable loop launcher allows you to change the angle. This way you can adjust the launch timing, in order to get just the right throwing distance.

The loop retainer makes sure that the loop does not slip of before you want to. You press down the "trigger" when you start the swing towards the target. The loop releases automatically once the hook is in the right position.

Will see how it shoots! It was already dark when I finished the weapon yesterday.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Second Persimmon Shooter

I promised to return one of the four Persimmon forks John sent me from Texas in the form of a finished slingshot. So I made a nice shooter yesterday!

Hammerhead handle, slightly more fat than usual, and a fork that is a bit higher and thicker than my extreme frames (I think John might prefer that).

This fork is entirely free from cracks, the result of very careful microwave drying.

As you can see, the fork was thick, but not straight. I had to place my cuts very carefully, but the results are really nice.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Second slingshot for the law professor

Here is the second one I made for the law professor... a Cougar with custom scales, made from zebrano wood. Finish is linseed oil.

The Cougar still is a very good finger+thumb support slingshot, especially for beginners as it will survive fork hits.

Will send both frames to him tomorrow!

Portable Trebuchet

I am thinking about making a staff sling that is accurate without any practice.

See the sketch!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Coverage by COLORS magazine!

A few weeks ago, COLORS magazine contacted me and said they'd love to include some of my weapons in their issue about "apocalypse".

COLORS is a magazine that is extremely artistic and has breathtaking photos. They dedicate every issue to a single topic.

Coming from out of Italy, they also have English text next to the Italian. 

Today, I found my reference copy in the mail - very exciting! The quality of the paper and the haptics blow me away. The photo that the guy made when he was here contains many of my weapons in a single arrangement - he actually shot it from the top of my staircase. What a masterpiece!

See a preview on the magazine's website 

(my photo is at the very end).

I am really proud and happy today!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Slingshots in ancient times?

As some of you may know I specialize in slingshots, and rubber based weapons. Now vulcanized rubber wasn't invented before the mid 1800's.

What did the Dennis the Menace kind of boys used before Mr. Goodyear's useful invention?

Well, we know about the "David Sling", and the related throwing sticks. But these weapons require lots of practice. No problem for sheppards, but what did the offspring of an urban Roman/medieval family use when he was up for shenanigans?

Torsion based weapons, using twisted rope, were clearly well known back then.

So it is likely that toy sized versions were made, too.

I want to find out if a handheld slingshot, based on twisted rope rather than rubber bands, is feasible. Of course it needs to fire rocks and lead/steel balls, and of course it has to be somewhat accurate.

I bought some 4mm hemp rope and tested the concept - it works! I chose an inswinger design for power and a larger swing angle. The hemp rops is very unelastic, and the swing has to be limited to about 90 degrees. If I go above, the draw gets too strong at the end of the motion. Keep in mind no trigger and no stock. Just a very wide fork with the rope casings at the end.

Should be interesting!