Saturday, December 4, 2010

Steel Flechettes - Pure Badass!

OK, started to test the flechettes (short bolts from massive steel). The design is not mine, a fellow slingshooter from Italy (Sabaca) invented them, quite simple to make with a few hardware store pieces.

I needed a slingshot with a bit higher fork, and goind through my collection, I found the Bunnybuster Tom sent me a few months ago. Perfect for the job!

I attached rubber with a paracord loop on each end (so there is no danger of entanglement, active band length 20cm x 7cm x 4cm Thera Gold. The loops are hooked into the wing nut wings, you grab the rounded hex nut at the end and draw out.

I had to get used to the flechettes but got the hang of it soon. No danger for the hands. The loops work very good.

It is amazing to hear the hissing of the arrows in flight. They need a few meters to straighten out, then they fly really straight.

I have shot them against a wooden board, 22mm thick. The flechettes hit the board very hard, from about 10 meters. It takes force to pull them out. They do not go through the board all the way, but you can see the cracks in the plastic coating (backside) already.

The M8 version has the same impact depth as the M6 version, surprisingly.

But then I took the Monster and butterflied 16mm lead balls into the same board, from the same distance... go figure.

All in all, a lot of fun, but I am not certain if the flechettes can really bring down larger game than lead balls can.

Will continue to test, and make a crossbow that really has some force!


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  1. Just wondering what these will do to a criminal wearing a Kevlar vest? These sure are a lot quieter than a 12 ga.