Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Twin Hammers

OK, here is my take on The Twins (Gemini).

I started out with the classic Gemini symbol.

This almost looks like a double ended slingshot already! So I formed my plan - adapting my HammerHead design to the Gemini theme.

For that, I decided to use two different types of wood, each one representing one of the twin pillars of the symbol. I went for Red Cedar (smells great!) and Bubinga.

It was a very complicated build as Cedar is very soft, and Bubinga is quite hard. Not easy to shape these wood types in an even fashion.

This actually has advantages, as you can attach two bands at a time - you have a spare bandset with zero attachment time. It serves as a lanyard in the meantime. You can also attach a weaker target band and a stronger hunting band. 

Here, you can see it next to some of the other HammerHeads I own. They look alike, but aren't the same... I vary, in order to enhance the concept further. 

This frame isn't competing, in fact it is a prize that will go to the winner of the Gemini contest. Good luck!


  1. Nice Work, what type of finish did you use for this masterpiece?

  2. I agree it is difficult to shape two different hardness woods together. I have used plywood in the past but will not use it again because of the difference in wood hardness within the layers. Regardless of the efforts to smooth it in curves, it still comes out looking lumpy and half-finished. I have even tried to soak it all in linseed oil to harden it, but with the same results. This came out beautifully, as your sling-shots always do. I envy your skills. :)

  3. You, sir, are the Doctor Evil of the slingshot world.

  4. A new twist on an old game.!


  5. These are absolutely beautiful and look like they would be extremely comfortable to use; I would love to own a slingshot even half as nice as these!

  6. Very Cool! As a Gemini Myself, It would be a pleasure to own such a slingshot as this! Beautifully done, Sir!

  7. how do you win such a finely crafted object