Monday, March 19, 2012

Crazy Launchers, Cold Steel Weapons, and Coconut "Zombie" Tests

This new video is actually more like a general update on things here at the Slingshot Channel.

See the pencil launcher with doubled up rubber and new, specifically made arrows, see the Cold Steel blowgun and a "rivalling" homemade rubber based "Hawaiian Speargun", watch how the Cold Steel "Voyager" does against a Zombie Head simulating coconut, plus a "meat shoe", and last not least look at the performance of the Cold Steel Shillelagh against coconuts in super slow motion.


  1. When you started talking about centering the Chinese cross bow on your body I immediately thought of the ancient Greek gastraphetes. Way to much fun to have one that repeats!

  2. I had left one comment on YouTube, but would like to add one more.
    I don't know that stabbing with a lock bladed knife, where a cheap lock could fail and cut off all fingers at once is a good idea. Holding it that way for slashing is good, but not for stabbing that hard. Those who have less reliable knives than Cold Steel might regret following your example one day. -- Loved the "professional pencil sharpener". Only you! :)

  3. Hey I haven't had a slingshot since I was a kid but I have fallen in love with Jörg's videos. I stumbled across them about a week ago and am in the planing stage of making the bullpup with the draw extension. Jörg you must have an increadable grip. I think if I tried to stab a coconut I would wind up sliding my hand down the blade.

  4. Hey, I was recently hooked on your YouTube videos! I have loved slingshots for as long as I can remember, and your videos really excite me! I was wondering if you were still giving away slingshots each weekend, because I would love to win one of your amazing slingshots!