Thursday, March 15, 2012

Homemade surgical blade holder

Had a bit of leftover zebra wood.

I decided to make a knife from it, using the sharpest blade you can possibly find: Pro grade surgical stuff.

Certainly not sterile, but much nicer to the eye (and touch) than the OR products.

Blade seating is 100% tolerance free, exhange is easy (push out the bolt and that's it).


  1. Hey Joerg :) I just watched your "Introducing the Dankung 'Panther' " video on youtube where you mentioned that, for a full year, you will be giving away slingshots each week. Is that still on? Because I'd love to win the Panther.. it's just such a beautiful piece and I can't wait to put some modifications on it. The only thing I have to do is leave a comment? Will this one suffice? :D

    Actually on a more serious note, I received your Hand Howitzer from Hogans Castings in the mail two days ago, and I must say it's pretty impressive.. although milbro did a pretty botch job out of poly-coating the aluminum.. it has scratches and small air bubbles. Shame really. But I'm sure it's still just as functional and I really can't wait to shoot it. Got Thera Band Gold and Blue waiting for me back home! :)

    Anyway, I hope you will read this comment, and I'd also like to express my support for all the crazy contraptions I'm seeing your doing work on sort of guy! I built a trebuchet myself when I was 13, and also many other explosive, powerful and potentially dangerous things. So I absolutely understand the devotion!

    Well that's enough from me. I wish you the very best with your endeavors and hope to see more videos from you soon!

    All the best,


    1. The drawing is no longer on, sorry. I gave lots of Panthers away when I started my forum.

      If you aren't pleased with the powder coating on the Howitzer, you should complain. Peter will certainly try to put it right.

    2. Naaah I'm too psyched up to shoot it.. i can't give it away and wait God knows how long for it to come back! I was thinking maybe using some coarse sandpaper to get the powder-coating off and leave me with good-old plain aluminum ;)

  2. looks beautiful i love the wood where do you get yours?

  3. Trust you to dissect a zombie after you smash them with steel balls or clubs!
    Very nice handle, but not a knife I would use for stabbing. Yet I like the replacement of the blades very much.
    Joerg, did the noble woods ever arrive? I look forward to seeing sling-shots made from those blanks.

  4. Das ist ja mal ne Idee ich weis du verkaufst ja nicht (Leider)aber ich will so ein teil haben, muss ich wohl oder übel selber ran.
    Daumen hoch für ne wirklich geniale Idee

  5. How do you prevent the pin from getting lose over time? I love this idea and want to try it.

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