Friday, March 16, 2012

Hawaiian style monster bolt launcher

In order to do some tests for the chest mounted lance thrower, I made a simple handheld launcher for the "arrows" in the fashion of a Hawaiian sling scuba speargun. 

Read about it on wikipedia

See a photo of the Hawaiian sling here

Just some TBG rubber (13cm x 5cm x 2,5cm, two bands per side), which gets stretched to about 65 cm. So it is prestreched in undrawn condition.

This is absolutely frightening! The stainless steel tip (made from a 12mm rod)  embedds itself deeply into a wooden plank, and flies straight as a ruler. If you shoot it 80 degrees up, it beautifully arches down and sticks in the ground. Nice!

Shot from the chest mounted one, the draw will be much, much harder. But I keep thinking - maybe I need to make a hand weapon based on this little prototype, too.

Once again I am amazed by the power of the rubber-wrap-around attachment. Slippery aluminum tube, direct pull - no give. None.



  1. Have you seen this, I think the draw method could be experimented with, sorry about the language, but hey, we put up with the German comments occasionally. ­­☺☻(yes, I'm joking about the german)

  2. WOW!!!! This would be devistating if someone had been hit by this.

  3. 13cm x 5 cm x 2.5 cm... I'm sorry but theraband isn't really a cube.