Saturday, March 31, 2012

Giant Repeating Chest Mount Launcher

It is now a reality - cost me 12 hours in the shop today. A full size version of my pencil shooter!

This is the most dangerous and effective slingshot I have ever build. 

45 kg (100 lbs) of a draw weight means it propels the 115 Gramm (a half pound) aluminum bolt with a steel tip at scary speeds. This uses my effective arm range! I see no way of making it even more powerful. 

I named it "Massacre Master" because that is what you can do with it - ten such monster bolts fired in under 10 seconds, easily. 
Video on the morrow.


  1. I just can't wait to see your video on this device! You are really pushing the envelop this time, Kudos to you!

  2. This sounds like a great weapon and I am looking forward to seeing it in action tomorrow. 100 lbs. draw and repeating quickly following shots! Wow! Perfect weapon from your mind as the Chinese used crossbows that could shoot either bolts or round lead balls. Nice melding of the Chinese, the Greeks, and the German Weapons Master.
    All the best!