Sunday, March 18, 2012

Natural Moorhammer

OK, I found this dead branch in my garden. It fell from one of the old pine trees, must have been dead for years.

Turned it into a nice natural, with lots of charme!

First, I sawd out the rough form.

Then, I repaired a part that broke off, with the fork's own wood, and filled the cracks with epoxy, mixed with sawdust.

The file rests!

After sanding and oiling. Doesn't it look ancient?

The repaired part.


  1. nice piece everything looks so easy when you're doing that but when i tried its nearly impossible so i ended up with piece of shapeless wood and 2 wasted days

  2. It's all about practice, Szymon. Don't give up.

  3. After watching your "Turbo Video" about how to make a natural slingshot I was inspired to use an Oak fork that I happened to trim off a couple of months ago. Thinking it was a little too large I figured I was going to attempt to find a less stout piece of wood. Seeing this Natural Moorhammer design has me inspired all over again! There may be a good frame in that big fork of wood yet!

  4. It's amazing how you can turn a big stick into a beautiful slingshot!

  5. Hey Joerg!

    Just wanted to say that slingshots have really grown on me! I love them, and everything to do with them. I love how sometimes (like today) I just hit the ping pong palette every time and the power is awesome too. Two days ago i finished carving, sanding and shaping a very beautiful natural slingshot, with lots of intricacies and nice details. It's lacquered now in 'Silky Matte' and it's absolutely lovely (the wood was a bit towards the pink side when I took the bark off) . Anyway I also wanted to say that I invented a new type of pouch, where you use a square of thera band gold, fold it in half to get a rectange, and then at a depth of about 1.5cm from each side make 5-6 mm holes. Put your main bands through the holes when the square is folded in half, attach them and you're done.

    Now you have a very strong pouch that has several advantages. It's very light, looks good, and is also very strong if made properly. Moreover, the rubber pouch itself adds around 5cm of draw length and further accelerates the ball. And finally - a little bonus. You can shoot balls the traditional way (ball in a rectangle pouch) but you can also open up the rectangle so it forms a little parachute around the ball (something like a ballista or catapult pouch) and then when shot opens up to release the ball (something like a Predator's mouth ;) )

    I'll post some photos soon of both the pouch and the slingshot on the forum some time soon hope you like them.

    Until then, Walk On and Keep Shooting!


    P.S. Oh and by the way, great job on the Moorhammer ;) Hope you don't mind if I copy your design? ;) Do you think linseed oil will give a similar effect colour-wise?

  6. halo Jorg, i really like your blog. i would like to try make this hammerhead design at home but i cant find any drawing. can you post here some drawing or any detail photo of handle and other important parts? i dont want to waste my time for making bad handle or weak forks. Thanks. Your big fan