Friday, March 9, 2012

More work on the pump guns

Spent an hour in the shop tonite, enhanced both pump guns.

Added a front handle to the BB shooting model - much better now!

You can also see the new steel rod, made from 6mm threaded material.

This weapon is now ready for stronger bands.

Also, I did a camo paint job on the pencil shooter. Looks better nowm don't you think?


  1. Paint job looks really cool! I'd like to build one of these, it looks like a great fun challenge :)

  2. Every time I watch your videos, I am impressed.
    My compliments on your knowledge and your skills.

    Now that you have a reliable pump design, you should work on range and accuracy.

    Build us a repeating slingshot, with reliable accuracy (say 3 rounds in a 6cm group @ 30 meters. And for an added challenge...break wine bottles at that range.

  3. Looks good again, waiting for the blueprints of the pumpgun
    But started yesterday on the Pully Bullpup and think it will be ready tommorow exept for the paintjob ofcourse :)

    All the best.

  4. Nice Jorg,
    It looks really great!
    You always have the best ideas

  5. This is a nice slingshot ( Weapon ) the paint looks very seals