Saturday, March 10, 2012

Upsizing the pencil launcher

I plan to make it bigger. Much. Much. Bigger.

Here is the new "ammo":

Aluminum shaft, stainless steel tip. 115 gramms.


  1. souunds like it would deliver a arrow of destruction!!!!

  2. I really like the things you create and would like to get started myself too, doing some stuff. Would be so kind to show us in an extensive review what types of wood you use for what and when? Also, maybe even more important, would you be willing to make an extensive "tour" of your workshop, as to show us the tools you use and maybe a bit of how you use them? Of course a lot can be done by myself by experimenting and that is something which we'll all will always do anyway. I'd just like to get a bit of a head start on seeing which tools and setup you use for the tasks. As you might imagine: I am not a wood-worker yet... ;-)

    1. What types of wood when and why please. The why would be very helpfull to a newcomer like me

  3. Hello Jorge do you have the manual to build this Weapon, i want to build this model is great and looks very poweruful

  4. ive seen your videos here and there, whenever they get a feature on the tech blogs, but this weapon made me follow you, it looks with lots of potential.

    as for the darts, you say that the fact they dont have feathers is a drawback in terms of range, it got me thinking, now that the new dart is made of aluminum, maybe it would be possible to make the body grooved so it would spin when launched just like regular arrows do.

    id love to hear back from you, and also to know about the instrucctions to build this thing, its awesome!

  5. Could you share your design here, please?
    We all want to try one.

  6. Realy great! Plan on making one too but im trying to find out hoe to do it with fewer tools because i dont have many tools the slingshots i make are mostly made with a knive some sanding paper and thats it