Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tobias shooting the Moorhammer at 20 m (22 yards)

My friend Tobias, who still owns the world record for the most powerful handheld slingshot shot, obviously loves his new aluminum Moorhammer. Well, that is not really a surprise, as the design is really the result of a cooperation between the two of us.

He puts the new frame to a serious test: Shooting at three beer bottles from 20 meters distance - but there's a catch: A thick wooden plank protects the bottles, he has to shoot THROUGH the board first!

Hats off to Tobias for his great shooting skills. 


  1. Jorg, I just recently stumbled upon your videos on YouTube and I've watched nearly 100 of them already. Some of the different designs for slingshots and weapons you've come up with are genius. In talking to my friends about you and your craft, I describe you as my new "Zombie apocalypse survival Master" ;)

    Anyway, I think that the aluminum Moorhammer is sleak and I'm willing to bet that with a sturdier plank, Tobias would have been able to destroy those bottles on the 2nd or 3rd attempt (the guy is a machine!).

    Keep up the good work.
    - Jay

  2. Jörg, thank you for supporting this video!
    The Moorhammer is a very precise and powerfull Slingshot!
    It´s realy fun to shot with it.


  3. wow great shooting!
    The moorhammer is a very nice slingshot Jorg


    by the way,are they available yet?

  4. Don't know, Peter Hogan would be the guy to ask. Send him a PM at www.milbroproshot.com.

  5. How can he hold the record when you are a strong powerlifter and he looks normal?

  6. Technique. He puts both hands up in the air, then lowers them, stretching the bands from the top down.

    For record shots, it is most crucial to release as quickly as possible. Not easy doing that without missing the target (and ruining the chrony).

  7. On that final shot, it's only possible to see that it actually hit the board in the slow motion shot. Very impressive aim and consistency with the shots. Great partnership between a master designer, master builders, and a master marksman.