Sunday, November 14, 2010

Review: "Liberty I" ultra compact bow vs. Slingbow

The slingbow is a very popular weapon as it is compact, lightweight, easy to make and can shoot hunting arrows. But it competes with small bows, such as the "Liberty I" by Howard Winthers from

This video presents the "Liberty I" bow and compares it to the "Diamond Razor Edge" compound bow and the homemade slingbow (see the How-To on The Slingshot Channel).

The results are quite impressive, the small Liberty I shoots a 400 gr arrow at more than 310 km/h. It outperforms the larger Razor Edge and of course also the slingbow (made with materials for under 10 dollars).

Slow Motion scenes recorded at 1200 frames per second show the behaviour of the bow when shot, it stays amazingly calm.



  1. I liked the addition to the Zombie Slayer slingbow. I don't remember seeing that in the original plans. Is that a modification that you made later?

    Either way, I love what you are doing and please keep up the good work.

  2. Dear Jorg,
    I enjoy watching your channel and have been looking at the Liberty 1 for a long time before your review. I would like to get your honest assesment and opinion of the Liberty, since you've owned it (and I assume shot it ) quite a lot and have some more experience of it now since your original comparative review. I am seriously interested in this bow and really would like your thoughts on it and experience with it. Good points/negatives, how much tinkering does it require or is it tinker free? How reliable is it? Have you had any problems with it? I spend part of my year in the UK which is not weapons friendly-so I liked the fat that it is very compact and looks actually childlike. I will be able to play with it with my daughters and not scare peole as much as with a big bad mean looking conventioanl compound bow. But reliabilty and trouble free operation are absolutely key for me...My email is
    Best regards,
    Anthony Banks,
    Sth Korea & UK

  3. I like Liberty I" ultra compact bow. I hope this is best.
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