Monday, November 1, 2010

Zombie Slaying Slingbow: How to make it at home

Have made another version of my slingbow. This time, upon many requests, I did a tutorial video as well.

I have devised a home made arrow rest, using rubber (what else). Also, I set the rest far back to gain draw length. Then, I designed the "frame" in a way that armslaps can never happen.

The bow is entirely made from 12 mm and 19 mm plywood, with three screws to stabilize the weapon.

It is more bulky, but also a lot more powerful than its predecessor.

Made this on Halloween, so I just had to shoot at a coconut... penetrated both sides. With a field tip.

The slingbow weighs 550 gramms (1,2 lbs), ready for shooting.

Here are the blueprints:

Here is the video:


  1. Hi Joerg,
    Been following your blog and videos for a while and like can't help getting interested in slingshots. Would not dare to touch one however, since they are totally banned in this flat country west of yours ;-)
    My feeling about this slingbow, however beautifully made: I think it could be more effective. If (1) the handgrip was placed further back and next to the arrow instead of below and (2) an arm rest was attached, extending 30-40 cm to the user-end of your business model, you could pull the rubber much further back and use an even longer arrow (or at least aim easier).
    Personally I would leave the part with the ring out because it might seriously hurt the operator if the arrow hits the rim. Sharp pieces of arrow flying forth and back could present a serious occupational hazard ;-)

  2. An arm brace is probably a good idea, and since this is not a slingshot, I see no legal problem.

    The ring is necessary for the stability, though.


  3. very cool!
    but whats the draw weight?

  4. I love this design as well as the African Goddess design. I like your scientific approach to solving for design flaws.

    In a YouTube video, I saw the Zombie Slayer (with an arm rest) being compared with your Liberty compound bow. How is the arm rest attached and will you please put the blueprint template up for that piece. I really think that it would add to the design.

    Also, what is the maximum draw weight that you have achieved? How about the speed of the arrow at that draw weight?

  5. i love it this is amazing!!!! it shoots hard:)

  6. Dear there, i am enjoying your blog very much. but since i started reading about your slingshots,
    1. and very general: i was wondering weather some kind of golfball textured steel balls can be fiered maybe with an higher velocity and better accuracy than plain sluggs,

    2. i was wondering if an untrained (as i am) shooter would still be albe to shoot him self in his hand with the sling bow which i imagine quiete painfull. what would happen if the handle would be attached to the other side of the bow, bringing it a bit narrower to the body giving a few inch more stretch as also preventing from shooting you in the hand. I didnt mean to make a long post, or unecessary suggestions, as i dont have a clue what i am talking about anyway, but fairenuff i was curious enough to ask, allthough i also read that you dont really like the discussions in the forums, so unfortunateley i had to bother you, since i really think its fascinating what you are doing, and also nice to see you having fun with the slingshots in your videos.
    thx for all the nicely gathered well providet infos!

  7. hey you that crazy nazi from youtube

    1. Nazi's don't use slingshots or slingbows you racist fuck, they gas their victims and shoot them with guns.

  8. hey, im going to make one, but the cutouts are smaller on the regular printer paper from google docs. i would really appreciate it if u gave me the dimensions so i could make sure it would be proportionate. thanks alot.

  9. The pdf doc measurements are not accurate. The main frame is 4 inches too tall and the single long piece with the hole comes out to be slightly too short. According to Joerg, the frame should be about 15 inches tall. It comes out to about 19 inches. I printed it all out, but now I have to wonder what length I should make the bands.

  10. your draw length is over extend for better form watch some vid on you tube