Saturday, November 5, 2011

490 shots today, from 14 meters.

In order to test the new "Hammerhead" design, I banded it up with double TB gold bands, 2,8cm x 1,8cm x 32cm (active band length 30cm).

Started with 15 mm steel balls and shot at air rifle paper targets. Drew out full butterfly, but that was too much energy for the 15mm steel, and I got nasty handslaps. Band teared after 112 shots. I repaired it by shortening, 27cm active band length. Drew out less far, to avoid the handslaps.This lead to far better band life.

After 340 shots with the 15mm steel, I had enough. The back side of my pinkie and ring finger was swollen and raw, from the handslaps. I switched to 19 mm lead, and used empty cat food cans as hanging targets. No more handslaps!

I drew out to max again, and after a total of 392 shots, I had to shorten the bands again. Now I am at 490 shots total, and the bands are totally intact. Not bad!

The frame shoots like a dream. Actually, my pouch hand is a lot more stressed out than my fork hand.

Went through several cardboard pieces, and paper targets. Here is the result of 490 hits!


  1. First comment :). you should make a video with all of your slingshots and shooting with em, and cause it will probably be a long video you would be able to make series of "Jörg spraves slingshots", and everybody would be happy.

  2. Holy smokes! That's some shooting! A very good test. "The frame shoots like a dream."--- Now I know I have to make me one like it!
    Thank you Joerg for the very comprehensive testing. You have a winner there and possibly the best sling-shot you have ever made. -- Looks great, shoots great!
    BTW, somehow, 'pinky' and Joerg don't sound right together... :)

  3. Love the ergonomics on the new design! It's fun to come back and watch the new videos. Evolution in the making. I remember catching some of your clips back when you were testing the circular saw blade. Full auto slingshot is still my favorite. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. i am jonsin to try this design or something close to it. I might have to harvest some of my multiplex from my pile of debris.

  5. that's a lot of shooting for one day, you must be tired!