Friday, November 11, 2011

Guest star for the next video

On Sunday, I will be doing a video with another great youtuber, Dustin from Huntsville/USA.

He runs an excellent youtube channel called "Get smarter every day". Here:

Destin will bring his fantastic HD slomo camera, and we will do a lot of tests. Hopefully the image quality will be much higher in comparison to my cheap little Casio. 

We will meet at Tobias's farm, because I need another weeks rest for the hand. Tobias was so kind to be my substitute for the tests! So we will film the current record holder for the strongest handheld slingshot in action, in brilliant HD quality.

Can't wait!


  1. This will be an interesting match-up.

  2. Here's something to try. Mark some tapered bands every 2cm with a heavy line across them. Then record them with the slomo camera as you draw them and release.
    Do the same for straight bands.

    The vid might help some of the guys who are trying to come up with the math models for a "good" taper.

  3. That sounds very exciting, I'm particularly looking forward to the HD slow motion footage. An interesting thing to examine in slow motion would be whether twisting the pouch imparts a spin to the ammo like rifling. Hope you are back to full shooting strength soon.

  4. Gute Besserung für deine Hand Jörg !

    Ich warte gespannt auf das Video.


  5. im definitely getting smarter each day to leave a comment to get a free slingshot

  6. Anonymous: I think that may be over as several have posted similiar comments and Joerg has never responded one way or other. It also has been several weeks since the contest was concluded and he hasn't indicated a winner since before the contest. Although I would love to have a Joerg slingshot for my wall, I really prefer to experiment with making my own different models. Still haven't yet made my own 'perfect' model, but making my own is part of the fun of sling-shots, in my mind.

  7. I cant wait till the next video,sorry about your hand

  8. That must hurt! I'm new at this blog stuff, but have seen a lot of your videos. I have been trying to figure out how yo make a trigger for a bazooka using rubberbands. It amazes me how you did that!

  9. Guys, I just had to complete 20 slingshots because of the forum contest and various other giveaway actions. It took me a whole weekend to do that, as Dankung sent the frames totally naked to me. I have to wrap them in paracord, cut the bands and the pouches, and tie everything.

    Now I need to get back to making slingshots, and therefore I will have a break in the giveaway schedule.