Friday, November 25, 2011

Another impossible slingshot

I know what people will say once I show off the hammerhead frames. "You will hit your hand". I know the fork is low, but of course I won't hit my hand with it.

The rooftop slingshot, a far more dangerous design, really hit my hand. Or, rather, I did, not using it correctly.

But a normal fork is a different issue. In order to show the safety, I made a version of the hammerhead that has a 40mm "wall" above my hand. The fork is only 25mm high! So it seems impossible that the ball can fly over the wall.

And yet it works. Flipping does that. The safety margin is a good 100mm.

Will show it in a video soon!


  1. I think you need to make a forward movement of the wrist. the slingshot will be in horizontal position and thus no longer any obstacle in the line of sight

  2. Exactly, the forward motion is called "Flipping".

  3. It seems to me most hand hits are from either inexperience or lack of attention. I've introduced several people to shooting sling-shots and know of only one hand hit by them which was admitted to have have been caused by inattention. Your flipping technique is a very good way to eliminate hand hits.

  4. Do you think the flipping technique is something that has to be consciously practiced, or something that just happens due to the release in tension on the arm?