Monday, November 7, 2011

Blood and Pain

Well, here is the video with a bit more "blood" pics, and three new slingshots.


  1. Nasty wound by any account. Pity there was no film of the incident. --I guess asking for a re-enactment with camera rolling (and slo-mo) is asking for just a tiny bit too much--in the next few weeks anyway... :)
    I'm just really glad it was a grazing wound instead of a direct hit. A hole the size of the one in that thick board would have ended 'The Slingshot Channel' and created a 'Mothers (and Wives) Against Sling-Shots' movement. Stocks in Theraband would collapse and the world economy would crash. Then what would we fans do without a leader? :)
    Take care of that hand, Joerg and know we are concerned.

  2. Hi guys, don´t believe him, he´s joking you, it was halloween remember. The man of steel can´t be affected by bullets and certainly can´t bleed.

  3. Just a thought, while I fully agree that you should always wear safety glasses with slingshots, unless they are made from some new super secret formula given to you by an advanced alien visitor, I don't know if they will be quite up to the task if the Zombie Basher misfires....

  4. I have already replaced the bandage with a band aid. Hand is still swollen, which limits the movements, but I can type with my left hand again.