Monday, November 28, 2011

Great fun at the "Basement Tournament" again

Last Saturday night, I participated (for the third time) at Tobias's basement tournament. I fetched Wladimir (aka "9Gramm") in Nuremburg, not much of a detour from my home.

Wladimir is a well know shooter, he participated for the first time.

As always, the fun started with a great dinner. Homemade "Fleischkäse" (meat loaf) and "Nudelsalat" (pasta salad) plus the last bottles of the homemade beer Tobias and Jochen sometimes brew! Excellent.

Then the shooting started. The setup is hard to beat, a 300years plus old rock basement, well heated so the bands have great performance. The current shooter is in the neighboring room, the others sit on armchairs in a protected corner with great view of the target.

The disciplines had been well thought out, as always. A great mix of precision target shooting and destruction! We had to shoot a golf ball off the neck of a beer bottle, with minus points when the bottle got damaged... and we had to destroy three beer bottles that stood behind a thick particle board. You had to destroy the board first...

Tobias won, with just a few points between him and Wladimir. Actually, I think Wladimir had one beer too much, at a strategically important point. He shoots 10 mm steel balls at blazing speed (full butterfly bands). A lot of velocity, but not much impact! He had to hit the particle board at least three times at the same spot to crash through the board, but he failed. Tobias (20mm steel) and myself (25mm steel) had no such problems. In fact, I had destroyed all three bottles after three shots, and the remaining seven weren't needed.

Wladimir paced the beers better afterwards, and his groups got more tight again.

I came out number four, not so bad if you keep in mind my hand is still not fully recovered. Just three weeks earlier, I hit it with a 25mm steel ball from the rooftop slingshot... I was lucky.

When the tournament part was over, we switched to the destruction part. Tobias had an old printer and a radio. We smashed it into pieces! Then Jochen, who is a butcher by profession, brought some cattle bones. Man, those are something - looks like Dinosaurs to me. The 25 mm steel smashed through the shoulder blade easily, and even cracked the cow thighbone.

We went to bed at four in the morning, exhausted but happy.

What a great way to spend Saturday night! I brought Wladimir back home, and his wonderfull wife has prepared a fantastic breakfast. When I got back home, I went straight to bed for a nice nap, well fed and happy.


  1. 300 yards is pretty long distance, how did you hit?

  2. Outstanding! You described it well enough to me want to have been there. A small group of competent comrades, the perfect balance of destruction and skill contests, a warm cozy basement and full bellies. And throughout; strong competition to keep you sharp. I think all of your fans will envy you and the fun you had. I'm sure it also felt good to be there with a healed hand. Well done, Joerg!

  3. Oscar, 300 YEARS OLD, not yards long! It would be as big as a football field!

  4. Yes, this was a great night! so much fun and much shooting!
    Wladimir is a very good shooter! much better than myself.
    Jörg shoot very good to he shoot with the strongest Bands, triple Gold and 20mm steel.
    i hope we can do it next year again!