Monday, November 14, 2011

A great Sunday!

I picked up Destin in Karlsruhe and we drove to Tobias's farm, just 30 minutes away. The sky was still overcast, not great for the high speed camera... but it was bound to clear up later on.

We set the equipment up - wow, what a camera! A "Phantom", made by the US company Vision Research.

A 1000 frames per second at 1280x720 resolution (HD)! I don't really know how much this beauty costs - but I am sure it is worth every penny.

Check it out on the manufacturer's website

It cleared up right on time, and we did many great shots... smashing particle boards... smashing pumpkins... smashing three pumpkins in a row with the big cannon...

We also did the test that was suggested here, with "striped" bands. I cut three bands, one untapered, one with a decent 2:3 tapering, and one with a very aggressive 1:5 tapering. Tobias did the shots in full butterfly, the footage is frontal.

I will now be able to draw up an accel curve of the ball in the pouch. This can hopefully shed some light into the dynamics of tapered bands.

Arrived back long after nidnight... will edit the first video tonite, hopefully.


  1. Sounds like we will see some great results, especially on the dynamics of acceleration. This is invaluable information. Visually, the slow-motion of a punkin being smashed probably will the highlight of the video so like others, I am looking forward to viewing this. Thank you all for the efforts put forth. I'm glad you all had fun.

  2. I am really interest to see how much tapering helps! I have done some tests myself but i dont have proper equipment, so cannot draw any conclusion.

  3. Sounds cool I'm looking forward to seeing the high speed.

  4. The video is impressive. I looked at the specs and thought, "2 megapixels? Meh." But after viewing the footage I am very impressed.

    I picked up some theraband gold on ebay last week and it arrived yesterday. Tomorrow doesn't seem to have to much on the docket, so I think I will try to make a band set of my own.

  5. I just caught up with the "canon" videos - you guys are having too much fun - keep them coming!