Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Zombie Short Story: Part 2




  1. May we have some more, please? I think your feature on 'The Myth Busters' should be a continualtion of your story, chapter by chapter, and then you explaining the 'whys and wherefores' of lost lore. I would really like to see a sling (David and Goliath type) featured with rubber bands instead of leather bands. Rubber and centrifical force together...?? Heck, why not add bows and strong rubber bands with arrows? Wood and rubber could make for a very powerful bow and arrow weapon.
    Can't wait for the next chapter! Keep it up, Joerg!

  2. Slingshots and Zombies? You are a very entertaining guy! (Chuckling)

  3. Jorg,can you please make a video or comment on your thoughts on the best type of slingshots to be used in self-defense situations, such as:

    -the weapon that would work best in close quarters

    - the weapon that would have the most "stopping power" in over a short distance

    - the weapon you would use for rifle-like sniping

    - which of your slingshot guns you would use in close quarter shooting,like a handgun.

    (not including your rooftop zombie shooter, which I know is the most powerful, but it is not portable).

    I think you have shown in your videos that slingshots are a serious weapon, and this info is helpful in areas where this may be the only option for people.

    Thank you!