Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First slingshot after the accident

OK, after 16 days my hand is healed enough for some light slingshot making. Boy, have I missed my workshop!

I used some moor oak leftovers and some plywood, made a new variation on the Hammerhead. Slightly smaller fork tips (18mm dia, so they can be made from the single multiplex board), a slightly thicker "throat" so the pressure on the webbing between index finger and thumb is distributed better, and a "butt tail" at the rear lower end.

I feels really good in the hand, but I need to do some shooting to streamline it. Too bad there is so little daylight now, it is dark when I come home from work.


  1. Nice battle scar. Yours looks a lot better than mine, but it is very similar to my style with a supportive throat and a 'butt tail' as you call it. I think this is the first one you've made similar to my style. I just finished a replacement for my Golden Oldie and it turned out as a very stable shooting platform and also very accurate as a result. I understand being away from your workshop and glad you are able to work; just take it easy for a while... Congratulations again on your partnership. I am happy for you. All the best! ----for some reason I am not able to log in with my other user name of LordRobere since this afternoon...

  2. To prove my point of the similarity, you may view both my Golden Oldie and the new replacement at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAH7WPglnsI if you would like and have the time.

    Just plywood mostly... :)

  3. you can do amazing thing with just a bit of wood i wish i could do that
    keep up the great work!!!!

  4. sieht gut aus! der dickere Hals gefällt mir.

  5. Hi im a boy in New Jersey and i like to shoot targets but all i have is nerf guns. I got my uncle and dad to make me one and it is good but the forks are slanted back so i have trouble shooting it i would like to have one of yours i find that the panther is the greatest sling shot i have ever seen it is so great. Now picture this im some times wish i could have been born in another time were i could have everything i needed to make a slingshot so many old movies a little boy pulls out a sling shot i get so jelous. Im 13 and i wish i could find the money to buy a nice panther slingshot but i dont now i dont want to sound greety but i would love if you could send me one because i want the rest of my child hood to great but i just need that slingshot can you please send me one for free i would really apriciate it if you did i love the sport of hunting and target shooting i know that you do to so please out of the goodness of your heart plese send me one i would love it and i would be so happy theres no word for it please and thank you FROM: ADRIANO

    1. Don't worry young Adriano you will grow up to make things even more interesting...don't believe me check this out https://youtu.be/J14fKv-vmSY