Sunday, November 6, 2011


can happen if you are getting careless.

As I was today. Wanted to Chrony my rooftop slingshot, and focussed too much on not hitting the equipment... so I hit my hand instead. With a 1" steel ball. The same that  goes through 40mm particle boards.

It got deflected, and still hit the catch box with enough force to topple it over. But it also wounded my hand, very significantly. Here you see my "flight path" to the bathroom, to pour some water over the hand.

My wife says I need stitches. I don't think so, it is just a deep nasty cut. But I better listen - this time.


  1. holy shit. sorry to hear that. i hit my hand a few times. once with a marble, the other with a half inch steel. you gotta take a pic of the wound!

  2. OMG!!!

    a few days ago, i tried to shoot a cube with my slingshot. it hit the fork and then somehow my thumbnail.

    wasn't bleeding (except under my nail) but it still hurts like hell. perhaps i forgot for a minute, that these slingshots are no toys.

  3. Since your wife is studying to be a doctor (medical?), I think I would listen to her professional opinion. Let's not get all 'macho' and have you out of action for weeks, shall we? I'm sorry you were wounded and I hope you will recover soon. In the meantime, I feel for you as I know it hurts like HELL! Carelessness around serious weapons does not pay and there is no doubt this is a weapon instead of a 'fun toy'. I speak from my own personal experiences as will many sling-shot enthusiasts will also attest with their own carelessness or misfortunes.
    ---- So I guess this means no shooting video today, huh? :) I mean, you can handle a machete cut, but a ball through the hand is another matter entirely?
    --- Forgive my poor attempts to cheer you up. But you should know we all are on your side and wish you a rapid recovery.
    --Did your wife scold you for being careless (and also for messing up the floor with your blood?)? :)

  4. I came back to this post because the idea of a one inch steel smashing into my hand with that monster slingshot has been eating away at me.
    how did it break the skin? like by pinching the skin on your hand against the handle or your bones?
    you truly suffer for your art, Joerge. forget ballistics gelatin. your hand will suffice lol.

  5. Mmm... fresh Joerg-blood! Hope that won't stop you, might have to use the metal release for some time or send me your slingshots for testing:)

    All the best and heal fast!

  6. unlucky
    first take care for yourself then for the equipment

  7. Ouch! I just got stitches out of my left middle finger, almost sliced the tip off Monday before last at work. All it takes is a split second of not thinking about what you're doing. About 15 years ago I wasn't thinking and got my right middle finger caught in an engine while it was running and "degloved" it. That was fun. Thankfully there was a hand surgeon on duty, so I just lost the very tip and still have a (slightly shorter) fingernail. Hope it heals with no problems.

  8. Jörg, ich hoffe es wächst alles wieder so zusammen wie es mal war, damit du keine dauerhaften Probleme mit deiner Hand hast!

    Die Blutspur deutet ja schon auf einen orndlichen Treffer hin! gut das du nicht die gesammte Energie aufnehmen mustest.

    konntest du dein Video noch fertig machen?
    Hast du auch ein bierchen danach getrunken?

    Gute Besserung!


  9. Tobias, das Bierchen kommt noch... zusammen mit richtig guten Schmerzmitteln. Knallt besser so. :)

    Ein Video habe ich noch gemacht, mit mehr blutigen Bildern und ein paar der neuen Schleudern. Aber Schiessen kann ich nicht im Moment, ist nicht dran zu denken.

  10. @JayG - I know what degloved means (my wife's a nurse) Ouch. Ouch Lots.
    @Jörg - if there's any doubt at all about you needing a hospital, then you got away lightly. That rooftop slingshot looks like it has enough power to take a hand clean off.

    Heal well.

  11. How deep did the steel ball go?I hope you heal soon :)

  12. BTW, Zeppo just reminded me that we hard-core sling-shot enthusists really are interested in the 'destruction'. So just how deep did the steel 25mm ball penetrate and can we get a slow motion of it? Just for comparison and knowledge's sake, you understand. I mean, you don't normally shoot live targets and this info would be gold and too good to pass up. Afterall, we understand the 'pains' we go through 'just for the fun of it'. :) Just teasing, but uh, did you happen to film it by chance? Huh, did you? :)
    Be careful with the hand for the next week or so please.

  13. Sounds painful! get well have a full recovery live to shoot another day.

  14. Hey Jörg, sometimes it needs a little smack to make us remember, that these are no toys...but you do not have to exaggerate always ;)
    Get well soon.

    And like Tosh Togo i have to say....hear at what your wife says...machos die first...

  15. Yellow :)
    If it can’t kill you, it isn’t really a sport ]:->
    And yes, wifes are the best way to stop their husbands from killing themselves :) Mine stopped me a couple of times from making something stupid.
    Please, send my best regards to yours :)
    Get well, and get busy :)

  16. Tosh Togo, no video of the accident, I was just getting everything ready for the filming.

    It seems that the ball stayed in the pouch as it was still accelerating, so the hit was merely a grazing shot. Still it was bad enough, created a large "pocket" between skin and hand muscle. In other words, it ripped a patch of skin clean off. A direct hit would no doubts have smashed my hand to pulp.

  17. speedy recovery Jorge , and as my grandmother used to say: stop playing with matches you gonna burn your fingers. treats you well and back soon with new crazy machine

  18. I remember when I was watching nitro circus where they tried human slingshot and the guy releasing the slingshot thing told that he once forgot his thump somewhere in the lock mechanism and the slingshot just ripped his thump away to a long air flight.

  19. Sorry to hear about this. Listen to your wife, bro.

  20. Ach Du Scheisse. Gute Besserung.