Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Medieval Style Crossbow shoots balls, is rubber powered

I have made many slingshot crossbows, but all have been long and narrow - more like a modern rifle.

But this time I wanted to make a slingshot crossbow that resembles a medieval style model! Of course with rubber instead of a steel prod, and shooting balls instead of bolts. But regarding the look and lock/trigger mechanics, I wanted to follow the ancient design.

It came out very good!

Here is the video:


It shoots great, and as you can see in the slomos, the bands never touch anything - they will last a long time.

The weapon is really accurate.


  1. Amazing design! Very nice slingshot!

    If I may say, you could dye it a little darker to make it look even more a medieval crossbow!

  2. I saw this on gizmodo.com and enjoyed it very much.

    There is a type of medieval crossbow called a stonebow which shot either balls, rocks or lumps of soft clay (actually the deadliest ammo)

    They were generally used for hunting birds.

    It was different in two ways from your design that the tiller had a distinct U bend forward of the mechanism, and they were usually double stringed. This supposedly helped with accuracy. If you are looking to up power double stringing the rubber may work for you.

  3. how did yot tie the rubber