Sunday, June 26, 2011

Slingshot vs. iPhone!

"Will it shoot?" The Slingshot Channel tests if it possible to use an iPhone as slingshot ammo, and also what happens when a big steel ball, shot from a powerful slingshot, hits an iphone full on the touchpad.

A specifically designed slingshot crossbow is employed to launch what many regard as the best cell phone in the world.

You can see iPhones beeing shot at ballistic gelatin, "Mythbusters style", and also a "long range" shot, demonstrating the accuracy. No iPhone survived the tests, in the end, a "3G" model is fired flat against a house wall. This opened up the device in record time.

A little bonus in the end takes care of several requests for specific gelatin tests...




  1. YOU ARE THE BEST! I LOL'D SO HARD! The "One Vampire Less" was just the punchline!

    Thank you for such a good sunday laugh!

  2. Does you brother look a lot like you? I just saw a German in Belgium who resembles you very much, and same expression with the eyes, but with a little bit less body musculature. I didn't have the opportunity to talk and find out.

  3. I have two brothers, but they look completely different really.