Sunday, June 12, 2011

Second Natural from Ukraine

Made a slingshot from the second natural I brought from Ukraine. This time, a hazelnut fork, wide but not even.

My idea was to make it even by adding a handle made from some other material.

I rummaged through my exotic wood box and found a piece from a scrap convolute I bought on ebay (like, 10 pieces for 10 Euros). I made the handle from it. I don't know what wood it is, but when I started the rasp and filework, it smelled strongly like lemon, very pleasant.

I sawed out the even part from the hazel fork and prepared it for the "marriage" with the handle.

The vise test failed (I always test before the glueing), so I replaced the wooden "dowel" with steel. This time, rock solid. I love my steel, truly.

The slingshot came out fantastic. The hazelnut looks like polished ivory, and the contrast with the dark, strongly grained handle is quite attractive, I think.

No ink this time, just clear gun stock oil.

1 comment:

  1. You always amaze me with your slingshots!

    Those weird/exotic slingshots are always awesome, such as the machete slingshot, but these regular slingshots are absolutely a work of art!

    Congratulations on your craftsmanship! I wish I could do woodwork like that!