Wednesday, June 29, 2011


In the past, I often designed the handles of my hammergrip frames like knife handles.

Thing is you don't hold a drawn out slingshot like a knife. The pressure is all in the webbing between thumb and index finger, and on the middle joint of the pinkie.

So I decided to test a frame that leaves everything else away! A welded frame from 12 mm stainless steel, with Thuja burlwood applications. It shoots great. And look at the balance!


  1. Nice design! Smooth lines, seems to have a very nice grip.

  2. I love this slingshot! You are great!

  3. It took time for me to write this. It was worth it. Your creations are important and they are old, too. You're letting us remember.

  4. A very well designed with perfection. Thanks for sharing with us.