Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review: Three "Gamekeeper" Catapults

John "Gamekeeper" Webb has been selling his slingshots for quite some time now, and his designs kept improving. Therefore, it is high time that The Slingshot Channel reviews the products.

The excellent catapults are made from high grade multiplex wood, well polished and sealed with polyurethane. The bands are top notch hunting bands, capable of very hard shots.

The very affordable weapons (20 pounds including shipping) have passed all tests with flying colors.

You can win one of these slingshots! John will directly ship the model of the winner's choice.

Drawing will take place on July 1st, 2011. You have to vote and also leave a comment here:


Thank you, John, for the generosity as I am sure it will bring many new members to the forum.



  1. Rubbish been waiting nearly 14weeks for a catapult I ordered and payed for tried to contact John Webb over email and Facebook and keep getting ignored.

  2. Played for my 2 catapults still waiting for them since end of October 2016 . no response from John Webb still trying .Pretty naff really.