Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween project: Rooftop Zombie Annihalator Slingshot

Halloween is in a few days... so I had to decide what kind of "special" I have to offer to my fans this time.

Following the superfly hype Gary "Flatband" Miller started recently, I took the idea to the extreme. I want to achieve a draw of, say, 4 or 5 meters, around 15 feet.

How do I do this? Well, see my sketch.


  1. Only downside: you must run the 4 meters to reload and shoot again

  2. Killing zombies is all about cardio, heavy shot, and team work -- well and double tap. I think this zombie killing vision of post apocalyptic, roof top mayhem might be a study in cooperation.

    Best to All

  3. Yes, reloading takes time. Quicker than a crossbow, though. But as I said, it is a rooftop weapon, made to clean out an infested area from the safety of a roof.

  4. Good that you let the world know of this, but I think every good zombie will have heard of you and your weapons, so there is a good chance they will never want to come within range of you and your weapons. But yes, I can mount this on my rooftop and thank you for the idea. :) I could protect my entire block with this as it seems it will reach out that far.

  5. Great fun. Looks like you could take out the roof, too!