Monday, October 17, 2011

Invisible weapons: The video

Invisible here means: Not detectable by metal detection portals at airports.

That's right, I wanted to find out what non metal knifes and non metal slingshot ammo can do to a block of ballistic gelatin.

I started out with the gorgeous flint knife Ad'lan from the Zombie forum made for me (we traded a while ago), and then went on and tested a dogwood knife (my own handiwork), a Cold Steel "Grivory" knife (plastics) and a Kyocera ceramics knife. Then, I tested what pebbles do to the gelatin, in comparison to steel and lead.

All of the knifes proved to be dangerous, even the wooden one. The Cold Steel was the best stabber, the ceramics knife the best slasher. The pebbles penetrated the gelatin about two inches deep (the metal balls went straight through).

My conclusion: Either allow everybody to take a knife aboard, or increase security. It is simply too easy for criminals and terrorists to smuggle weapons through security.

Now lots of people commented that there is metal in the ceramics and grivory knife. That is a myth. Cold Steel attached a (removable) key ring to the knife, that is all. The whole knife (w/o the key ring) weighs only about 30 gramms, just twice as much as my wedding ring. Not heavy enough to trigger the detectors even if HALF the knife would be metal.

And there is NO metal in the small Kyocera ceramics knife. I checked.

What do YOU think should be done? Increase security, or legalize on board weapons?


  1. Legalize on board weapons. If terrorists are aware some passengers will be armed, as many will be, then they may hesitate to attempt a highjacking. But if they are suicidal, they could easily damage a plane to make it crash with just an allowed handgun they could also carry on board. Very difficult to be totally secure, but I would prefer a chance to defend myself and my fellow passengers with my personally allowed weapon. Old West mentality, I suppose, since I am a Texan.

  2. There shouldn't be a requirement to carry weapons on board, however I think every person who is legally qualified to have a concealed carry permit should be allowed to carry knives, (No guns though bullets do bad things to pressurized compartments at 35K feet). Stun guns are another possible consideration.

    Best to All

  3. In my opinion it doesn´t help to much to increase the security . It wouldn´t be worth the money(and there are too many ways to fight without knives etc).
    Taking weapons in the plain would not be right to I think.
    As long as theres nobody who tries to start a war(9/11)there will be no problem anyway.
    So let it be like it is!
    Lg Lloyd

  4. I realize this is off topic and I apologize. I don't really know where to post questions. I'd like to know, please, if the Panther by Dankung will shoot the 30mm balls like the Hand Howizter will. I'd appreciate it if you would let me know and too if there is a proper place to post this kind of question I'll happily go there.


  5. EFG3, the best place to learn answers to questions such as this would be Joerg's forum at

    There you will find others with slingshot interests and questions with answers.
    I would recommend it to you as probably the best treasure trove of slingshot information on the internet.

  6. Tosh Togo thank you. BTW I'm a Texan too but I find myself in the D.C. (Greater Capitol Wasteland) area these days. Thanks for the info -- I'm headed there now.

  7. Security checks can be fooled or avoided. You could search and scan everone and a terrorist could simply get a job as a pilot or use an improvised weapon. IMO, the best anti-terrorist strategy would emphasise intelligence gathering and infiltration of terrorist groups - make them paranoid, not the general public.

  8. Pikeman, I am in agreement with you in principle regarding infiltration of terrorist groups and information gathering, however I am also reminded of the Chinese view of, "The nail that stands out must be pounded down". There have been a slew of programs raising the possibility of total surveillance of the population such as PBS's 'The Last Enemy'. England's use of video cameras covering all of London and new technology that allows almost instant recognition as cameras view crowds make me wonder if this is the beginning of our future. I dislike thinking it,but it seems that in the future, if you protest anything, you will be noticed and considered for further scrutiny. I am bothered by that even though the lofty goal is 'the safety and security of the people'. There are the predictable and inevitable abuses of the system and ramifications. Even now we are hearing horror stories of misidentification, raids of pleasant homes and families and the resulting heartbreak of accusation. I don't know the answers, but the path governments are currently taking are bothersome to me. Once this path is trod with the first steps, there is no going back. --(I'll get off my soapbox now.)

  9. Just implement body scanners. Legalizing knifes would be a horrible thing. Don't you people realize that the crew needs to minimize any disturbance. Avoiding panic is a number 1 priority in an airplane. There are greater threats then exotic things like terrorists. I mean drunk people, mentally disturbed people, claustrophobic or nervous people or people just simply full of adrenaline because of the excitement of flying.

    Do you really think that allowing everyone to have knifes will annihilate those threats. Do you really think that the normal people feel safe because the 'good guys' ALSO have guns.

  10. My mistake, off coarse I did not mean guns :D
    That last post was supposed to be knifes (of slingshots or whatever...)

  11. I brought up knives (and stun guns) earlier. I'd like to politely note that I also stated that they should only be allowed for people who qualify for a conceal carry permit. That is to say people who've already had special classes and background checks. I did not suggest that everyone should have them. This would not result in any special havoc on an airplane just as it does not cause any special havoc at walmart, public transit in Dallas, or any other place where people who have a conceal carry permit are permitted to carry a concealed weapon. Conceal carry is a proven program.

    Best to All

  12. Has anyone here read George Orwells book ´´1984´´,
    or seen the movie ´´Zeitgeist´´.
    They are pretty interesting and give you another view of all those security things.
    If you haven´t, do it!
    LG Lloyd

  13. The interesting question is -- how are they made? Answer: sintering. This process can be used to make slingshots from unusual metals like titanium.

  14. I would like to see 2 things that might make a good video. I would like to see you put a coconut in the gelatin. Also a football shaped ammo, like from the old david sling.

  15. Saying you've banned weapons and searching people does not actually stop people with bad intentions from slipping weapons through security, it just stops the people with honest intentions from having them.

    The human body, as I'm sure you know, is vulnerable to a lot more than traditional weapons like guns and knives. Someone skilled in martial arts, for example, could be just as dangerous as someone with a pocketknife.

    I love your videos, but of the two I think I would choose allowing everyone to have a knife on board.