Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Draw length extended hammergrip PFS

After I found out that I don't need ANY kind of fork, because of the flipstyle shooting, the next logical step is to make a forkless frame with a draw length extension.

This design retains much of my favorite "hammerhead" handle, and it features a roller on a steel axis.

It shoots really good (as far as I can tell from my tests in the dark, more tests on the weekend).


  1. This is very cool, but i had actually thought of a similar idea a week ago. It is similar to the "V" just that its applied to a stick shot. Rollers inside the grip and bands are attached at the bottom.

  2. That would work, but the handle would be pretty thick and not ergonomical.

    I wanted the super comfortable "hammerhead" handle.

    Plus, the bands will suffer when the retract back into the handle, as there is chafing on the front side.

  3. Hi I've been looking at your blog and youtube channel for a while and I'me interested in making a slingshot but what type of rubber do you use? I watched your video on where to get parts but i dont know what type of rubber you get.

  4. oops...

  5. I'm not going to question the master, but i'll be trying that sometime soon and maybe i'll send you the results when i',m done.

  6. Ah, interesting but I am not keen on it but it is a logical evolvment. Did you not defeat it's purpose somewhat by angling the extension upwards instead of downwards to maximize the extension? Also, why the two additional pins near the roller?

  7. Hi J├Ârge-

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  8. Hey Jorg This is My comment for the slingshot Drawing for this sunday! I would love to win the panther!

  9. Wow! I would think that you might get hit by the band from below.

  10. just started watching your videos. this is great.

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  12. Hi,
    nice design, i would love to see this made out of a single part of antler;)
    but don't you think the rubber might slip of sideways of the roller?
    Greetz from germany;)

  13. Thank you for the band calculator but I just don't know what to write in the boxes for:
    How far do you want to stretch your bands?
    and How much tapering do you want?
    I'm not going to use it every day and i want pretty powerful.

  14. Hi there Joerg. I've just discovered your youTube channel and after I saw the first video I had to take a comfortable seat because I've just watched all of them. I'm from Romania and I really appreciate your work. It remembered me of my childhood when I used to play with a slingshot. I'd love to win one of your work. Good luck!

  15. Hal, why don't you select 4 or 5 for these settings then.

    Pyyy, the rubber stays nicely on the roller, and it is guided by the frame.

  16. good:)
    will you release a video of this?

  17. that looks amazing, cant wait to see how well it works

    p.s that wound on your hand seems to be healing up well :)

  18. Ah, I recognize that mark on your hand!
    My grandfather taught me how to shoot a slingshot flipstyle. All he did was tie the ends of two bands together and loop it over the two middle fingers of his left hand.

    You draw back and flip your wrist forward.
    I shot myself in the back of the hand a couple of times before I got the hang of it.

  19. Hey Joerg! Who won the slingshot drawing from this Sunday?? Or is the drawing still going on??

  20. each time I look at this, I like it more and more :-)

  21. hi Jeorg, my name's jack. I have always liked your creations because of how nice they end up with the sort of finish you use and how you always know what to put on each one for a specific effect. It looks awesome, i think it may be the best looking one so far in my oppinion. I bet it packs a punck with those draw length extencion as a bonus to its looks. nice work.

  22. Cool sling Joerg, kinda looks like a ghekko from the car insurance commercial. :)))

    Anyway, like it a lot man. Keep up the good stuff! :)


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