Saturday, January 21, 2012

The "Flying Buttress"

A "flying buttress" is a typical element of Gothical Architecture. I read about it first in Ken Follet's great books.

(Here you see a pic of  "Notre Dame" in Paris, France).

The goal of these things is to allow more elegantly designed, lightweight constructions.

I just HAD to bring this lofty idea over to slingshots. Therefore, I made a version of my best design (to date), the "Hammerhead".

I used "Butresses" to stabilize a fork that would be way too thin without this extra support.

This was a very delicate sawying job for sure. But it came out good. Thuja burlwood handle (boy, I missed the smell!), multiplex core. Very solid, even for strong bands.

Here is the orginal design:


  1. Very nice.I wanna make a slingshoot with an airgun.Have you got plans?Thanks.

  2. Nice design Joerg! That would also look good made from cast metal too.

  3. Was it Pillars of the Earth in which you read about flying buttresses?