Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thermo Camera: First Pictures

The Thermo Cam arrived today. What a great toy!

I tested it with different stuff first, amongst them our christmas tree (which we won't throw out before MariƤ Lichtmess, on the 2nd of February, for reasons of tradition and lazyness).

As you can see the lightbulbs come out very clearly, with 22 centigrade, vs. the tree (around 19 centigrade). See the mirror behind the tree? The lightbulbs are half a degree warmer even in the mirrored image... interesting.

Then I took a few pics of the house.

I left the door open, and you can see the warmth that flows out. You can even see where the heating and the pipes are running (in the second floor, on the front corner).

The camera software allows different colorings (remember it is not recording colors, just temperatures). Here is a different palette:

Then I used it on a tapered rubber strip. First the relaxed picture:

 As you see the rubber has room temperature, whereas my hands have about 23 centigrade.

Then I stretched the rubber... can you see that it heated itself up to about 30 degrees? Warmer than my hand. As expected, the heating was MUCH more dramatic towards the tapered end.

This is sooo much fun.


  1. That is so cool! I like how there's a border around the warmer things where it's cooling.

  2. Tremendous! Better definition than I expected which should bring out dramatic differences. I've been waiting for this today.

    Uhh, how does a bald head radiate? :)

  3. Jorg,
    I am very happy to find this site. I am brand new to the world of slingshots. I first discovered you on You Tube. After watching you, I bought myself a cheap Daisy sling shot at the local sporting store. It is really hard to shoot so I decided to do some research and look for a better slingshot than the typical Trumark and Daisy brands found here in the U.S. So I did some research. I discovered the Dankung brand. I was a little skeptical at first, then I noticed you are designing slingshots for them. So I figured they must be good.
    I hope to learn a lot from your videos and get to shoot a quality sling shot. Could you tell me if the Slingshots made by Dankung with the wood handles have the metal handle in the wood? I am referring to the Panther, which looks like the best for hunting, or the Cougar. I don't want to buy one if the metal handle does not run the length of the wood. Also, I am trying to figure out which type of bands I should use. I see people mention flat and round, multiple bands from two two eight or more per side, tapered, power, long, short, and numbers like 1745, 2040, 1842. Then there are the slingshots with the forearm brace. I have no idea if those are good or not. I have not ever seen you use one. Who knew there could be so many variations to consider.
    I guess I need to keep doing research to try to learn what all of this means so I don't waste my money on the wrong stuff.
    Thanks for all the info you are providing.

  4. once again i'm badmonster200 from youtube and i love your videos and i want one of those slingshot giveaway even the worst one out of them

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