Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New rubber - better than Thera Band?

Fetched a parcel from customs today. My close friend Eric (who lives in Boulder/Colorado) sent it to me, as a christmas present! Shipping took forever, so it only just arrived.

This is the rubber from McMaster Carr, a US company. They don't ship to overseas customers, therefore I never had any of the stuff before - except Bill Herriman's "Express Bands", that I tested with great results.

However, I like my bands way heavier, so I needed the raw material. This rubber is absolutely free from any chemicals and is supposed to outperform TB Gold by at least 5%.

I have one 10 yard roll in 0.02" thickness (0,5mm) and one 10 yard roll in 0.025 (0,64mm). 

Can't wait to test it!


  1. This is (as good as?) natural rubber right?
    At least it has that colour.

  2. It IS natural rubber (vulcanized of course).

  3. Hopefully you will test it for it's rebounding ability vs. TB Gold with your soon-to-be-used camera. Slo-mo and chrony testing also! I envy you your testing facilities and consider your research the Bible of sling-shooting. Pity it's so cold there right now. The only thing that worries me is the durability especially with a hot sun beating down. Maybe if you shot a thousand rounds with it?.... :)
    I will await your testing and valued opinion.

  4. Why do you think this material is supposed to outperform the TB even if both bands have the same thickness?