Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New rubber: First bandsets

OK, made a bandset and also tested the draw weight plus thickness.

The 0.02" is really 0,4mm, exactly as thick as TB Black. The 0.025" is 0,6mm, exactly like TB Gold.

So I made two bandsets, one from the thinner material, cut 15,4 (full width) to 9 cm, and one with three times 2,8cm x 1,8cm. Active band length is 28 cm in all cases (full butterfly).

The draw is very close, if not equal to TB.

Can't wait for the weekend!


  1. I am not 100% sure, but I think the stretch factor is close to 8:1 on this rubber. I am waiting eagerly for the weekend testing. We may have a more potent power base than TB Gold.

  2. Lord Robere, the stretch is a myth. I tested this, and it is the same as TB really.

    But the "breaking in" you have to do with the Thera product is obsolete with this rubber.

    My first impression: This beats TB, but not by a huge margin.

    The chrony will be our judge.

  3. anyway even if this is better i think there is no point on buing this in usa if u have nearly the same thing just in front of your nose

  4. Please answer this JoergJanuary 11, 2012 at 12:46 AM

    Please answer i really want to buy myself a slingshot
    Hi, so I have been watching your videos for some time now and i want to buy myself a slingshot so I can shoot it at targets just for fun. I watched your video with the Trumark Mass Production Model and I liked that one but I can't seem to find it anywhee in stores. Can you recommend a good cheap slingshot for me? And if you need to know i am about 5'1".

  5. There are several sling-shots to be found in just about any sporting goods stores, but you might consider making one yourself as it's rather easy. Your height has no bearing, but the 'reach' of your arm does. Look at some of the videos in Joerg's channel to get some ideas and use his calculator to determine the length of the rubber to be used. Or simply use office rubber bands as there is no real need for hunting bands for target shooting. Office rubber bands will break bottles and dent cans. I would also recommend joining his Forum at: http://theslingshotforum.forumotion.com/ to learn from others and to also see how easy it is to make a sling-shot. Before you know it, you will make one and be having fun breaking bottles and denting cans. Heck, you don't even need a frame as one can wrap a band (or bands) around your fist and shoot. Also inquire of your local laws regarding sling-shots as they are not legal in some places. Ask questions in his Forum and you will get some very good answers and ideas. Good luck.

  6. Looking forward to the test movie.
    I,m still using the exercise bands i can get at a local store. But i should really get some TB so i can compaire them. This stuf looks interesting but shame you cant get more easy :) all the best.

  7. I have used "Eco body" brand exercise bands that are 0.65mm thick and I thought that TB gold is 1mm thick, so when I used the band calculator I doubled the bands. The slingshot that I am using has 14kg draw in butterfly, by the way I´m 14 and I barely can draw the bands, as you said it is good workout.