Saturday, December 3, 2011

38 mm steel balls - awesome!

Did some shooting today.

The 38 mm steel balls (224 gramms, a solid half pounder) are just amazing. I cut a pouch and a quadruple TB Gold band set, full butterfly,  for it. Shot from the Panther, I get 32 m/s - that is 114 Joules of energy, 84 ft-lbs.

7,2 N momentum, twice as much as a .45 ACP! Enough to topple over my steel catchbox.

It takes courage to shoot such a heavy monster from a handheld slingshot. But after a dozen shots, I found my confidence!


  1. Woo! Glad you can shoot again! I was wondering how exactly did you get injured before? Did the ball hit you on it's way forward, or did it actually bounce back at you?

  2. I shot the rooftop slingshot over the Chrony, and did not pay attention. I lifted my hand up to high, into the flight path of the ball. A grazing hit only, I was lucky.

  3. that is no longer a toy sling shot its a weapon ......... i like it XD

  4. awesome i cant wait to see the 60mm

  5. Wow! Isn't that a little too large?
    19-20 mm would be sweet and would you get a bit
    more energy out of them,smaller and faster?