Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Mashable" covers The Slingshot Channel


I think they did a great job! Very professional presentation.


  1. Very good presentation but I wish they had included my favorite, The Cannon.

  2. Watched quite a few of the videos you've made yourself and which are much better in my opinion - you're certainly an inventor, and some of your original designs should really be on the market (after patenting, and rigorous testing to ensure compliance with legal safety requirements, and/or to avoid possible litigation in certain countries).

    A book about your work, with detailed (patented) technical descriptions and images, would probably become a best-seller - may people are totally unaware of the potential of slingshots.

    In my view there are two major technical issues that need to be solved: developing a rapid attachment method for therabands on hand-held slingshots (fork and pouch)instead of the "constrictor" knot (OK on the whole), and finding a way of reducing the manifest sensitivity of rubber to temperature variations you have ascertained i.e. developing some kind of rubber-based compound while maintaining full elasticity - something a chemist interested in slingshots may be able to do.

    Either way, excellent work, Joerg, keep it up.