Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Hammer Grip "PFS"

A gent with the nickname "dgui" designed a so-called "pickle fork shooter", essentially a simple board cut frame with really low and narrow forks, OTP attachment.  It shoots because of the flipstyle effect. Much like a stickshot, but without the need for a paracord loop.

I always liked the simplicity of the design, plus the effectiveness. However, I am a firm believer in the superior power of the hammer grip shooting style, simply because it allows you to draw out stronger bands.

So I combined the low, narrow fork with my favorite hammerhead handle. Carved it out of a single piece of European Dogwood (cornus sanguinea).

It shoots fantastic, of course you have to flip it (automatically happens with strong bands). 

I must say that some day, I will have to make myself a knife with that handle. It is simply the most comfortable design I came up with (so far).


  1. Simple, ergonomic and extremely efficient design. May be the best sling-shot to carry daily. It certainly won't take up much space in a shirt pocket and it can handle the heaviest bands. Well done.

  2. Dgui sent me a couple of pfs and they quickly became a favorite.
    nicely carved!

  3. Wow! That is pretty cool, but have you ever thought of making one with more of a stiletto kind of handle for those of us with smaller hands?

  4. The handle looks absolutly great, it must be very comfortable to shoot...

    I haven't tried stickshot yet....but that looks great...

  5. Hey, what hell happened to Jorge? Every thing ok!

  6. I wish i could make something this good looking! would love to have one to try out