Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More work on the Lead Launcher Design

I did the Lead Launcher design a while ago for John the "Gamekeeper" Webb. I had to work under constraints.

- Hammer Grip (my specialty, John prefers the finger support style)
- Multiplex in 18 mm (that is what John uses)
- Secure fork height (in other words, OK for beginners)
- Not too much filework required (John's products are very inexpensive)

It came out very very well. To this day, I believe this simple design is one of my best.

However, the better is the natural enemy of the good.

I added finger grooves to the slightly altered handle shape, and adjusted the fork accordingly.

Then I used car body epoxy putty to smoothen all edges and surfaces, then added a delibaretely coarse camo paint job. This looks like it has been carved from a single piece of wood, no seams. And it gives a lot of purchase due to the rough surface.


  1. perfect shooter for butterfly-beginners with heavy bands. solid grip and secure fork, but i miss the grooves to attach bands...

  2. Grooves aren't needed. Tightly wound rubber strips will hold 110%.

    Also note that the fork tips are negatively tapered (thicker at the top), additional anti band slippage safety.

  3. Excellent craftsmanship. I especially like the Bond-o to erase the joints. Elegant simplicity. Probably the strongest wood hammer grip you have made.

  4. Nice simple design on this one. Did you have to use any sort of mechanical fasteners on the joint between the forks and the handle or just strong adhesive?

  5. The fork part goes all the way down the handle, which is slotted. In other words, the fork part is a functional slingshot in itself, just not comfortable to hold. Therefore all you need is some glue.