Thursday, December 1, 2011

New ammo arrived

I want to make a huge block of ballistic gelatin tomorrow, for the next video.

In order to compare the penetration of various ammo, shot at the highest possible speed, I ordered some ammo types I either ran out of or never had. 10mm, 12mm, 20mm, 30mm!

Kugel-Winnie, my trusted supplier, surprised me by adding (at no charge) some 38mm and even some 60 mm steel balls.

I still have enough 8mm, 15mm and 25mm steel balls, plus some .54. .62 and .75" lead balls. So I should be rather complete.

I don't really know yet how to include the 38 and 60 mm ammo... but I will find a way!


  1. :) yeah first :)

    60mm steal that hurts

  2. My goodness, I allmost can't imagine 60mm balls penetrating into ballistic gelatine.

    One thing I've allways wondered. What would happen when you would make a gelatine block the size of a bathtub and shoot your cannon on it. Maydbe balistic gelatine is pricy and maybe therefore wasteful, but cool it is too :)

  3. Wow imagine a handheld slingshot with 60 mm balls that would be amazing!

  4. That's great. I can use it to validate / tweak my terminal ballistics model.

    Please give % gelatin composition, ball mass, velocity and depth.

    Also, I recommend shooting at a flat face, rather than a round tub.

  5. Dan, yes, flat face it is. I use the formula given by the factory (it is certified ballistic gelatin, after all), which means 20% gelatin powder and 80% water, heated to 80 degress centrigrade, then carefully dissolved and cooled over night. The block weighs 63 kilogramms (30cm x 30cm x 70 cm). This block stops (and flattens) a .75 lead ball fired from a musket with double powder charge (150 to 200 m/s). It should stop all of my ammo in the first half.

  6. this time, could you please put some jeans/t-shirts/sweater over the gelatine? i really wonder, if the rounds go through...

  7. I really don't want to simulate a hit on a human attcker (this time), I simply want a comparison of the various ammo sizes.

  8. I don't think common slingshots go through textiles anyways due to lack of speed. Except it's very tightly attached to gelatine (or flesh). Jorg once did the Jack Sparrow shot. Remember when he hit the hat. The bullet bounced.

    Well, I'm not crazy enough to say Jorg can't find a way though. :)

  9. Sweet im still trying to fund a decent deal on ammo the problem is its either a expensive bulk purchase for a bargain or an outragiously priced buy for a few bullets

  10. That was nice of him, though I would not want to be hit with the 60's.
    (or any, for that matter)

    I use white marbles, usually. Easy to find, so therefore no more littering, unless you have a huge magnet and steel balls.

    I wonder just how big the gelatin is going to be, too. I am a mythbusters fan, and they use blocks a foot by maybe 3 feet. They get it in bulk to save money.

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