Saturday, December 17, 2011

Double Ought Buckshot?

I am revisiting the multiple ammo issue.

Not so long ago, I designed the shotgun pouch made from Kydex. A good thing, really - but I have moved on to far heavier ammo in the meantime.

So now I will be shooting 8mm steelballs - 30 of them at a time. That is right, THIRTY. Makes a total of 60 gramms, just under the weight of a 25 mm steel ball.

I am testing Bill Herriman's report that you can use tissue as bags. He says the tissue opens and drops to the floor.

I think he is correct, but the trick is to find the right material for the bags. A single sheet of kitchen tissue works in general, but some of the balls come back and hit your shooting hand. Ouch!

I am using my octa-slingshot for the tests, as it protects my hand 100%. I even added a leather "skirt" to protect the back of my hand.

The wood already got a few hits... my hand is fine.

Will test paper, aluminum foil and maybe toilet paper later on. There must be one that opens, but late enough so no balls come back to the shooter.


  1. I've had some luck with magnetizing the steel balls, but the magnetizing time is critical and varies with the mass. Has not been successful enough to pursue further. I think with your inventive mind, you will do better and I wish you luck.

  2. Oh my… That's ridiculous. Reminds me of your shotgun slingshot!

  3. Thanks for all you do for the slIngshot community. Great stuff!

  4. Interessant....hast du darüber nachgedacht so etwas die dieser Kollege zu verwenden ?

    Zwei hinreichend große Suppenlöffel könnten es doch fast schon tun :)

  5. Anonymous: Check out what Joerg did early last year at

    He has the experience and knows what he is doing and I fully expect him to accomplish this if anyone can. It's gonna be fun! :)

  6. Hi Jörg, I just found something on Youtube, so i post it in your latest blog entry. It's a speedcomparison between Theraband gold and natural latex with a chronometer. It is done in half and full butterfly. Guess what, natural latex is faster

    Btw. He's a ridiculously good long distance shooter. It can be seen on his youtubechannel

  7. I totally forgot to place the link :)

  8. Pretty innovative stuff going on here. Keep it up!

  9. Maye you could try a water balloon to hold the balls. The theory is that it will hit the surface and scatter the balls.

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