Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The "Zombie Hammer" Slingshot

I watched the first seven episodes of AMC's "The Walking Dead", season 2.


I really like Zombie flics, and this stuff is as good as they come. But one thing was getting more and more clear: Firearms are weapons of last resort in a Zombie apocalypse. They are simply too loud. You need silent weapons to make dead things deader (cudos to ZS for the cool motto).

Most Zombies in the show are disposed off with machetes, crossbows, rocks, even a screwdriver. Not very efficient, if you ask me. So I thought about how to make a more capable Zombie skull cracker. The solution: A hammer with a spike! But then again, what if you can't get the spike out of the skull fast enough to deal with the next undead attacker?

I devised a Zombie skull retraction lever. You can simply pull and the spike comes free. Works really great.

Also, I added a boule ball (what else) as a weight, but also as means to finish off the spiked Zombie. The force of the steel ball is unbelievable. And it is a great stabilizer for the slingshot!


  1. really cool but are u able to tell when the xmas giveaway will be done?

  2. Great idea you had there and it looks realy effective, too. Also a modified version of your Bullpup crossbow with some sort of close combat attatchment would be bad news for zombies, maybe we will see something like this from you :-)

  3. im talking about this panther competition

  4. Somehow I'm reminded of "The Last of the Mohicans". Spikes, as well as axes,can stick in bone, especially skulls and your idea handles the problem quite well. Excellent execution. The steel ball will give the coup de gras to any zombie still twitching.

  5. i love it, not my first choice for a weapon in such situation, but efficient nonetheless.

  6. Eredeti ötlet! :)
    Vissza húzó kar (Zombi fej le húzó)! :DD
    Alkalmas távolabbi célpont ellen és közelharcban is ez a fegyver, csak győzzed ütni a zombikat.
    Bár erre megfelel egy kis balta is és arra is simán rá lehet építeni a nyél végére a csúzlit.

  7. Mr. Sprave, you do not exist. There cannot be so much unbelievable awesomeness in a single individual. Were it a flaming slinghammer, I would call you Azor Azai Come Again :)

  8. Man can I feature this in my Zombie Comic, ZombieYears.com ?
    This is just badass.... and practical!